On Dryads…

(The ones in the above picture are not ones I picked to eat. Those are a bit too old and leathery.)

These are the ones I ate. The smaller ones in the below picture.

Two and a half of which went into our supper! Oh, it was good!

Wild garlic, Garlic mustard greens, Dandelion greens, sliced and sauteed Dryad’s Saddle, real ancient sea salt, cracked black pepper, served over a bed of rice.

Kings don’t eat this well

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One thought on “On Dryads…

  1. These are new to me. I have foraged for several types of morels and mushrooms but this is different. If you get the chance do a video, maybe you already have, on the yucca pears. I taught my sons how to spot and harvest them and it was always a big battle between them and the four legged critters as to who got there the “fustest”. Yucca is a much underrated plant. Besides soaping down my wife’s beautiful hair it is a great forage plant.

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