Screw Going Green. Go Wild!

Wow, I knew there was a need for what I was doing, information-wise, but I certainly didn’t expect to be darn near the only one doing it!

I’ve hunted for real blogs by real people, doing actual useful things for a week straight, and only found enough to count on one hand.

Why are most of these other so called ‘natural’ and ‘wild’ food blogs so darn… wussified?

Oh noes! We can’t possibly eat our bunnehs! They’re living creatures too! Aye, and so is the cow you had for dinner last night that was brutally slaughtered in barbaric and highly unhealthy fecal-contaminated conditions. Yum.

One site I just read (which shall remain unnamed out of courtesy) talked about ‘Eating the food our ancestors ate’. I thought… GREAT! Here’s something I can ‘follow’.

But then went on to say that they were a ‘modern’ forager meaning that they foraged supermarkets and ‘online’ for the best food deals, and heaven forbid they get their nails dirty or touch a bug, or (gasp) eat a WEED.

Now, these skills are indeed essential, but it is NOT ‘eating the food our ancestors’ ate, nor is it ‘foraging’ anymore than going to a garage sale is foraging. Rummaging perhaps. I consider foraging as something where you get out and use your real knowledge to find something where other people would see nothing. That’s certainly not the organic produce aisle of your local store. You aren’t foraging for a damn thing, any more than anyone else who trots their hoity-toity arse in there and plunks down $200 a week for $50 worth of vegetables is.

Sorry, my ancient ancestors didn’t eat tomatoes or avocados, or bell peppers, or organic strawberry-banana yogurt, or grass fed beef, and neither did yours!

They ate dandelion, thistles, dock, violets and plantain (the potherb, not the banana looking thing.) They ate rabbits, and deer, and darn near anything else they could hunt, trap, or fish. Fish that most people wouldn’t even recognize because the stores don’t sell them. Real, healthy fish, fresh from the water, caught on one of those ‘icky’ worms.
Ye can’t get any ‘fresher’ than that. Especially if you get off your butt and actually DO the hunting/fishing yourself. There’s a concept, eh?

How’s that for taking control of your food source?

Now I’m not trying to make any enemies here, but this whole ultra-modern ‘Green’ concept is just outright crap. I really can’t think of a better way to describe it. (Without using extra vulgarities.)

Everything I’ve read by people who claim to be ‘green’ is just so on the whole ignorant, that it makes my teeth hurt.

Shopping at Whole Foods isn’t going to return to you your food security, safety, and independence from huge multinational supply chains. Considering they ARE a huge, multinational supply chain.

If any interruption happens in the supply chain, you will be just as screwed as everyone else who is eating conventional GMO store bought foods. Even if you have a significant supply of storable food, you will eventually RUN OUT. Then you will be uber-frelled. Why? Because you don’t know your avocado from your amaranth, that’s why! And you’ll starve with all of the other fools who have REFUSED (yes, refused, because you DO know better) to learn how to identify and enjoy the wonderful wild plants that our ancestors really ate.

I suppose it just baffles me why there is so much resistance to this simple concept of learning how to eat the edible wild plants that are all around us and abundantly available in even the harshest of climates and economic situations. The DOW doesn’t affect the dandelion, folks.

The whole ‘going green’ thing is an absolute joke, to put it lightly. Screw in a few more highly toxic compact fluorescent bulbs that require a HAZMAT team to clean up when they break due to all the mercury in them, and sing your little slogans about how you are ‘saving’ the earth by shopping at your local mainstream ‘organic’ market. Bleh!

All those ‘go green’ folks probably be amongst the first to run out of food in any real interruption in the food supply. Which would be a pity. I mean… after all… if they all kick the bucket, who will the real foragers have to make fun of? 😉

But in all seriousness, everyone reading this needs to learn some basics NOW.

Here’s a good place to start:

It’s the site of a wonderful fellow named ‘Green’ Deane Jordan. Except that he actually IS ‘green’. You’ll learn more from this guy’s videos than I could teach you one on one in a year.

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4 thoughts on “Screw Going Green. Go Wild!

  1. You would love the book “Kitchen Literacy.” The author (Vileisis) goes into an in-depth discussion of the changes in our eating habits over the course of the last 200 years. Quite the history!! A very good read that I got at the public library. In fact, I don’t know why I don’t own that one…

    • I will definitely look that book up. Though I’m not likely to find it at our local library. Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe the book selection. Especially where ‘wild’ or natural anything are concerned.

      • Our library keeps getting more and more books on the subjects. I think the world is finally coming around to our way of thinking. Inquiring minds want to know…

      • That’s awesome! I wish our local library wasn’t so pathetic. But it’s run by a bunch of ninnies who’s mindset is stuck in the dark ages. I think I’d have a heart attack if I walked in there and found a book on wild edibles.

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