How I Came to Eat Wild Plants

I got this idea from Green Deane Jordan. Credit where credit is due, after all! 🙂

My father would take me for walks in the woods. I can remember as far back as about 3 years old or so. He’d point out things as we walked slowly. This is an oak, this is a maple, this is a jack in the pulpit, this is a fern, etc.

If something was edible, he told me where, when, and how.

He often brought home mustard greens, dandelions, fruits, nuts, and berries of all varieties, and many different kinds of mushrooms. All of which were eaten by the family.

He was taught by his father and uncles, who were all excellent outdoorsmen and hunters in their own rights. And they by theirs, so on and so forth, way backwards in time and over an ocean back to Hungary.

I lost interest as cool things like ‘Star Wars’ were all the rage in the early 80’s, but I never forgot about it.

We took less and less walks in the woods as my father grew older and less inclined to engage in such activities. He of all people, got ensnared by the television and movies, and spent the last years of his life doing little but that instead of hunting and fishing like he brought us up doing.

A lot of it stuck in my head though, from my younger days.

It was probably the age of 14 or so when I really started to get interested in wild edibles again, and started to do some further research on my own.

I researched a few things here and there.

Then, about 4 years ago, I just got sick of the whole ‘modern’ way of life and moved my family back to my childhood home.

I now get about 85% of my food from the wild or my garden, and purchase very little commercially. The change is amazing. I lost about 60 pounds of extra weight without even trying. Just by eating real wild foods.

So… there I was, and here I am. 🙂

Kind of lengthy, but then again, any story worth telling tends to be a bit wordy. 😉

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One thought on “How I Came to Eat Wild Plants

  1. No wordy at all! I’m having difficulty walking away. I have things to do today…must come back later. Enjoying what I see so far.

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