Do you buy local?

I like to get most of my food from nature when I can. There isn’t anything more ‘local’ than my back yard! I’m currently at about 85% of my food being derived from nature three seasons of the year, though that does go down to about 65% in the winter time, like it is now. I tend to eat a lot of rice and beans and soup in the winter time.

But even getting what I can from nature, I’d also like to be able to get what I need from some kind of LOCAL source. That’s not been very easy.

I’d also like a resource for handmade goods that one just can’t find sitting on a tree in nature, and which I don’t have the time or particular knowledge to make myself.

Everyone knows that buying local is fresher, and infinitely more sustainable.

This is only common sense, right? Unfortunately common sense isn’t something that’s very common these days, considering that we ship vegetables across half the world. This kind of insanity needs to stop.

I’m a huge fan of buying local. Whether it’s produce from a local organic farmer or the handmade quality crafts of a local craftsman.

I found a site today that matches local buyers (us!) with local suppliers. Whether it be someone in your local town, or state, or whatever.

Wouldn’t you rather have a local supplier for your items instead of buying outright toxic shit from some slave labor funded place like China? I know I would.

Take a look at this site and give some feedback about what you think. I haven’t delved into it fully, but thus far, it looks like a very good resource for folks that would like to buy things that are local to them.

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2 thoughts on “Do you buy local?

  1. I wrote a post on that very thing. ( I get mucho mileage out of Bubba, our local organic grower. He now only provides me with reasonably priced, TASTY edibles, but he provides us yard eggs, honey, and an additional country spot for the kiddos to explore (tractor, chicks, turkeys, cows, snakes etc.) while we shop.

    Also, try to find local sources of food, organic or otherwise. It’s how I found him.

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