Why Forage?

A poster over on Green Deane Jordan’s ‘Eat the Weeds’ forum got me to thinking about this topic. http://eattheweeds.com/forum/index.php/topic,504.0/topicseen.html

I figured I’d share the answer here as well. 🙂

I forage for several reasons. I enjoy it, primarily, and secondarily, I get between 60% and 85% of my food from nature, depending on the season. I do eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning, with fruit if I have it, and I don’t get the oats from the wild. I also tend to eat at least one bowl of rice a day, (Sometimes brown rice, sometimes white rice), which I also don’t get from nature. So the majority of my ‘carbs’ come from the grocery store. Other than the oatmeal and rice, I don’t eat very many commercial grain products.

During the Spring, Summer, and Fall, I collect and freeze extra greens, fruits, mushrooms, etc, which then make up the majority of what I live on in the winter-time. In the winter I practically live on soup of various kinds and flavors, which make for a much warmer winter, and a much more nutritious meal, with drastically reduced components.

In other words, I can make ONE meal with the amount of food that I can use for a pot of soup to feed several people for 2-3 days. So it’s a no-brainer. I also put greens in my soup that I’ve previously frozen. I blanch and make little ‘soup packs’ consisting of thistle, plantago, dandelion, dock leaves, and wild garlic greens. Sometimes they’ll even have some violet blossoms and leaves thrown in there for a pretty mix.

In the warmer seasons of the year, I also fish quite often, and will incorporate whatever fresh fish I catch into my meals. I also freeze some for the winter. I don’t currently hunt anymore, but could easily do so again if I needed to, in order to supplement my protein intake. Currently farm raised chicken and the occasional piece of beef work just fine.

I started out eating wild foods from a very young age, as my father would always forage a few things that were in season and bring them home to eat. This was just the norm. He would bring home mustard greens, wild mushrooms, and he was also a very avid hunter and fisherman.

But perhaps the main reason to forage, in my estimation, is getting back to our foundational roots and being independent upon anyone or any thing. To reconnect where we came from and to be able to stand on our own two feet and not be dependent upon any system of supply or government entity for our meals.

Having that knowledge is liberating. Knowing that you can go anywhere on the planet, and not starve, and not worry too much about where your next meal is coming from, vs being utterly and totally dependent upon a global supply chain for your next meal, is the best feeling in the world.

Be a rebel. Eat the weeds.

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