Food Storage Secrets

Why some people are hungry in America… (and how to make sure you aren’t!)

The real problem currently is not ‘lack’ of food, per se, it is that the food is low nutrient (or practically NO nutrient) junk that masquerades as ‘food’.

After all, there are still government programs in place at the current moment that feed a record 14 million families.

But, let’s face it… the stuff that most people consume can barely be called food. Again, it isn’t a ‘lack’ of food volume-wise that is the problem, it’s the quality and nutritive content of the food.

So what’s the solution to this? How do you ensure a ready supply of food for you and your family during an emergency, or when the dollar collapses, or when any number of equally unpleasant local or national emergencies occur?

One solution is to buy pre-packaged ‘survival’ food. This isn’t a bad idea, and I think everyone should have a certain amount on hand for emergencies, as it is light, easy to pack, and goes great in your bug out bag when you have very limited space to pack things in.

But, as a long-term solution, pre-packaged food can get very expensive very quickly if you have a sizable family, or even just a few kids. Food for a year is immensely expensive. Just imagine how much a 5-year food supply of pre-packaged food for a family of 4 would cost.

A much less expensive and equally high quality option is to learn how to preserve your OWN food. This method can also be superior, as YOU and YOU ALONE chose what goes into your stored food. No surprises, guesswork, or mysteries. You’ll be also packing things that you enjoy and that you know you and your family will eat. You can get as ‘wild’ or as ‘conventional’ as you’d like. The choice is up to you.

I personally own this course, and I highly recommend it. I never recommend products or services that I don’t have some kind of experience with.

It comes on 3 DVDs. Food Storage Secrets Lesson 1, Food Storage Secrets Lesson 2, and An Introduction to The Dehydration of Fruits, Vegetables, & Meats.

I bought mine back in 2008 when it was first introduced, so it’s the older style basic packaging and not as slick and shiny as the newer packaging. I’ve included a picture that I took of it on my now famous oak desk background, so you can be reassured that I speak the truth when I say that I have, and use, this product myself.

As you can see, I’ve been using products from Solutions from Science for quite some time now. They’re top-notch in my book.

Click the banner below, and take the time to take a look a their ‘Food Storage Secrets’ DVDs. They’re very low priced, and will enable you and your family to put away the kind of food that YOU chose. Best of all, it can even be used in conjunction with foraging to put away some seriously delicious and nutritious wild foods be they spring greens, fiddleheads, or whatever. You can also preserve wild game in this way as well.

That’s what I’ll be doing this year. Canning and packing wild greens, fish, and anything else I can get my hands on. And in an emergency of any kind, I’ll be as prepared as I can be and have the best nutritionally packed food available at my fingertips.

You can too.

Click the banner below and take a look. You won’t be disappointed.

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One thought on “Food Storage Secrets

  1. I will definitely check this site out – it intrigues me as does this post – good job!
    And thank you also for subscribing, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

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