Oh What Strange Weather We Hath

I’m confused. It was between 80 and 85 degrees in March, and now in April, it is a balmy 41 degrees with lows below freezing and often into the high 20’s.

My dandelions were blooming 3 days ago, and now they are afraid to even open up it’s so cold.

As I said early on. This March ‘heat wave’ wasn’t a blessing or an early spring. It was a deviation from the norm that would eventually have to be answered for, and even out as all things eventually return back to true. In order to have a hill, one must have a valley on either side of it. What goes up, must come down, etc.

Now we’re getting the ‘down’ part where all the plants have bloomed early, some a month and a half earlier than usual, and are now getting hammered by colder temperatures. This doesn’t bode well at all. And for those of us who depend upon nature for a large amount of our sustenance, especially as winter breaks into spring, it becomes more than just an annoyance. It affects our food, harvesting, and storage of these plants.

I usually keep the front lawn fairly well trimmed to avoid the endless problems with the local busybodies that seem to have nothing better to do than try to fine you for having grass over a certain number of inches tall. The back I tend to let go a bit more ‘wild’.

As such, the front yard massively needs mowed, as the grass grew like wildfire, but now it’s cold and frosty and rainy and impossible to mow it until it decides to dry out some. But that should be interesting, as April showers bring May flowers, as the saying goes. April is our wettest month here, traditionally.

Except that the flowers bloomed over a month early, and I shouldn’t have to do the ‘first mowing’ until sometime in late May. Oh the fun times we live in.

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