Updates, Developments, and all that Good Stuff!

Hi everyone!

Work on the new site is going well, if a bit tedious. The early spring has put a bunch of things that don’t normally happen this early on my plate a month sooner than usual. (Who ever heard of cutting their grass in MARCH in the Northeast?) Strange days, these.

We’ll be going with a standard blog style format for the new website initially. This will allow us to work with a format that we are familiar with and focus on the content vs the technical side of things.

In other words, bring the good stuff to you instead of tweaking with the techno-gadgets on the back end. 😛

All of this development time has also seriously dipped into my normal foraging schedule. I’ve hardly had any time at all to go beyond the boundaries of my own backyard, and I’ve been rather delinquent in keeping tabs on my favorite foraging forum. www.Eattheweeds.com/forum

The dandelions in my back yard have been blooming everywhere and I sauteed a bunch of the blooms, stems, leaves, and buds yesterday along with some wild garlic and boletus mushrooms over rice. That’s one of my favorite pseudo-wild ‘dishes’. Everything but the rice is gotten within a few minutes walking distance of my yard, so you can’t beat that deal. 🙂

Also, these spring dandelions are fantastic raw. Take one or two and wrap them around a slice of sharp cheddar cheese, and nom down! Crackers are optional. But honestly, I like it with just the cheese and dandelions.

I do have another announcement, and it is very exciting for us, but I’ll make a separate post for it, as it deserves it’s own space.

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