Wild Rantery!

The Phrase of the Day #22 for Friday, April 20th, 2012 is:

‘Bullshit Modern Lawns’



One of my neighbors yesterday decided, out of the clear blue, to just mow my entire front and back yard for me, without warning, and without asking. I was in the bath at the time, and I knew they were mowing our other neighbor’s yard, as they usually do because the fellow is older and doesn’t get along well, so having a huge industrial sized professional riding mower, they mow it for the old guy.

But this time they decided to mow MY yard as well.

Why is this a problem? Because I have edible wild food plants that encompass the entirety of my yard. It isn’t a ‘lawn’ it is my wild food garden and where I get about 85% of my food from during the spring, summer, and early fall!


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  1. I can’t believe someone had the nerve to mow your lawn without asking first! Wow. Do you live in a development type of community?

    • No, I live in a very old school neighborhood. The neighbors are usually great. The problem is that they are all older and very much ‘set in their ways’. So they see a lawn with a few dandelions in it, and to them it needs mowed. They, in their mind, aren’t being destructive, but rather ‘helpful’, when they come over and thoughtfully (thoughtlessly?) mow your yard first without asking.

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