Petty Tyrants in MO try to obliterate yet another fully lawful front yard garden.

(NaturalNews) The city of Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, is trying to intimidate local resident Karl Tricamo into removing his organic, front-yard produce garden for what it says are numerous violations of local zoning laws. However, Ferguson’s zoning laws do not, in fact, prohibit the type of garden Tricamo cultivates in any way, which means the city is illegally harassing him without reason or justification.

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-My commentary-

This will continue until people stand up to this crap. The city is using outright lies and deception to mess with people who have done nothing wrong.

Does anyone stop to wonder WHY they are messing with people’s gardens of all things?

It boils down to people being selectively targeted who are self sufficient, and made an ‘example’ of.

When confronted, a city worker will often cite that they are ‘just doing their job’. Well, you know what, that BS excuse didn’t work at the Nuremburg trials, and it doesn’t work here. Just following orders or just doing your job doesn’t cut it. And often they aren’t ‘just doing their job’. They get off on the power they have to destroy innocent people’s lives, and it is time we reclaimed our power to say no to these morons who are trying to destroy our health, wealth, and livelihoods!

I’d also like to note that in this day and age EVERYONE needs to have a copy of Black’s Law Dictionary and know the difference between the terms ‘legal’ and ‘lawful’.  It is that little difference that makes all the difference when dealing with things like this. An ‘Act’ (also called a ‘Statute’) or an ‘Ordinance’ is NOT law. Failure to distinguish between Statute and Law on the part of government employees is coequal to fraud, and they need to be held accountable on this.

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One thought on “Petty Tyrants in MO try to obliterate yet another fully lawful front yard garden.

  1. I’ve often wondered why lawns are so popular in the U.S. Perhaps the original reason for suburban lawns was to emulate the British aristocracy of the 1800’s. I think most people do it now out of a lack of creativity and need to conform. I can’t imagine they get much pleasure from filling the air with fumes and noise with their lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

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