To Denise Morrison of Tulsa, Oklahoma

To Denise Morrison,

Stand firm, you are doing the right thing, and many people recognize your struggle as their own, or something which may yet happen to them. Or which may have already happened to them.

I’ve dealt with similar situations for years now. Not with the city, but with my neighbors themselves. They all know what we grow and eat wild plants as the mainstay of our diet, and not a week goes by when one of them doesn’t comment something along the lines of “Why are you picking those darn weeds?”

This year alone, my overly ‘helpful’ neighbors have trespassed onto my property, both front and BACK yards, and have razed my food to the ground with their commercial mowers.

Both of the individuals who did this are older, retired fellows who THINK they are ‘helping’ us by cutting down the ‘weeds’. The problem is they can’t tell their dandelion from their daucus carota.

I’ve spoken with the neighbors about leaving our property alone, and it does no good.

People get it in their head that they can trespass and do whatever they want to make your property conform to THEIR own notions of how it should be. And be it some abusive fool employed by the government, or some overzealous neighbor, (and sometimes they are one in the same…), the end result is the same. Destruction of your natural food supply.

People need to fight this tooth and nail at every level, as the intrusion is only getting worse.

And for that fellow that keeps ignorantly citing ‘legal’ ability of the city government, may I kindly suggest they inform themselves of the difference between what the words ‘legal’ and ‘lawful’ mean. Blacks Law Dictionary is a good source for this. An ‘ordinance’ isn’t law, and the very foundation of this nation can be summed up in two words: PROPERTY RIGHTS.

All the best!

~Janos, at Wild Cookery! Visit the Wild Cookery blog at:

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