Wild Cookery! Mini-FAQ

I’ve had some emails the past few days asking me a few questions so instead of answering them individually I figured I’d toss together a mini-FAQ, so that other people can benefit from the answers, not just the original party. (It also saves on having to re-type the same thing!) ๐Ÿ™‚

Why do you have more than one blog?

I like to keep things fairly separate. I like to keep things mostly on topic and not turn off people or offend them unnecessarily. People come to Wild Cookery! for, well, Wild Cookery! They can usually do without the opinion side of things in their search for wild edibles, or some of the vulgarity that tends to make it’s way into Wild Rantery!.

Why did you create Wild Rantery!/Why do you post to Wild Rantery! with your Wild Cookery! handle?

I could have made an entirely separate blog account for Wild Rantery!, but I didn’t. The reason is that I believe in being honest and forthright, and creating another blog account would have felt underhanded and sneaky. People just need to understand that people are just people. I’d rather be totally up front with folks and let them choose whether to read my blogs or not, than sneakily write another blog under another handle. Beware of the people who show you one face in ‘public’ and another in ‘private’. I don’t have that problem! ๐Ÿ˜‰

What are the urls of your two blogs?

Wild Cookery! is: https://wildcookery.wordpress.com/

Wild Rantery! is: http://wildrantery.wordpress.com/

What have you been doing with your summer?

Trying to stay cool mostly. It’s been hotter than Beelzebubโ€™s brass balls here 96 degrees Fahrenheit, and humid. Thus, I haven’t been outside as much as I usually am. I don’t tan, I fry. So I tend to stay out of too much direct sun when I can help it, other than to get a brief daily dose of vitamin D.

How can you say XYZ about 123! I disagree and will never read your blog(s) again!!!

You do not have to agree with an author’s personal views to enjoy their writing, or find that you have several other things in common with them.

They don’t have to personify or embody your view of 100% virtue. In fact, you can disagree with them entirely on most things, and still agree with them on a subject of shared interest.

Case in point, one of my personal favorite authors of all time. Robert A. Heinlein. He was a total womanizer, drank heavily, and his sexual preferences were known to be a bit… off color. All of which I’m not, and it has nothing to do with why I like his writings. Even though I probably wouldn’t have gotten on very well with the MAN, as he was reputed to be a bit of a prick towards his readers, and detested when fans expected him to take time out of his life to visit with them, I thoroughly enjoy the AUTHOR, and the many fine works he created.

Above all, realize that people are people, and treat them as such. They are just people like you. They aren’t icons, or deities, or people to be fawned over or worshiped. Let them be human and imperfect.

As such, do not expect more of them than you would of yourself, and don’t expect them to fit some preconceived mold you have in your mind about how they should be, or think, or what their beliefs should or should not be.

Then you’ll be able to enjoy someone’s writings for what they are, and not sweat the small stuff.

Like, for example, I have plenty of friends who are liberal fluffybunnies. I just ignore that huge character flaw, and focus on the other things I like about them and we all get along just fine! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Where can I email you?

Wildcookery@yahoo.com This is for both Wild Rantery! and Wild Cookery! related correspondence. Just be kind enough to put in the subject line what it pertains to. I’ve gotten an awful lot of email lately with no subject line, and as those sometimes tend to be virus laden things that are sent out, if your email has no subject, it might not get opened, or answered. I do try to check email every day, and will usually get back to you as soon as humanly possible. ๐Ÿ™‚

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One thought on “Wild Cookery! Mini-FAQ

  1. How can you say XYZ about 123! I disagree and will never read your blog(s) again!!!

    These ones are my favorite emails, along with ‘too much profanity’. I suggest a nanny filter or a detailed description of how to unfollow.

    After they’ve taught me a lesson by unfollowing me, I send them a thankyou…

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