My Next Cool Project: Chickens!

I’ve been putting quite a bit of research lately into raising my own chickens.

My wife is very happy that we’ll be growing our own meat and eggs and my daughter just LOVES chickens, and I think is even more excited and will probably be their new best friend from the day they arrive.

Raising my own food, along with foraging for wild plants, is one of those unusual things that I get REALLY excited about when I think of it. You know what I’m talking about here. The kind of thing that when you think about it, you just can’t stop thinking about it, have this huge silly looking smile plastered all over your face, and that you just want to RUN OUT and do RIGHT NOW and the speed of light.

Curbing my impulse to order 100 Bantam chicks was probably a good idea. Previous experience in this realm has told me I should take it small and be willing to make some mistakes on a small scale before trying something large that could easily get out of hand. For me, this means no more than a half dozen chicks to start with.

So, I started looking for a nice small sized coop design, and found this awesome set up:

It’s marketed for urban coops, but it can obviously be used in any environment. It looks like it will be perfect for what I need it for, to house just a few chickens. I already have, or can borrow all the necessary tools, so I’m good to go on that front. I’ll just need to get the wood, and off I go.

But then I figured that if I needed a good coop design, so might some other people. So, I partnered up with Catawba Coops to help get the word out of this awesome coop design. Whether urban or rural, this coop design will work for anyone that wants to start out with a small flock to get their wings wet.

And doing so is about as ‘Green’ and eco-friendly as it gets.

After all, growing your own chickens for eggs or meat is a very healthy rewarding activity. Also, one can get free range organic eggs and poultry for very minimal cost. There is just something about getting the best of the best at the lowest possible price that makes anyone smile! 🙂

And just think… with rising food costs all the way around, and an often tainted and unsafe food supply that has proven time and time again to be our Achilles’ heel in this country, I think the time is upon us where it would be prudent for every responsible family to have a few (3 – 5) hens in their own backyard to provide fresh eggs. On average, depending on breed, that would produce about a dozen to a dozen and a half eggs per week. My current food budget only allows me to buy two dozen eggs per MONTH, so that’s an instant upgrade of TWICE as many eggs in my family’s diet.

That’s a win-win all the way around, as far as I can see it.

This is about REAL food security. And as such, I’m more than happy to endorse and heartily promote this endeavor to bring true food security to our inner cities and rural communities alike!

Just click one of the above banners, and off you go! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “My Next Cool Project: Chickens!

  1. Good luck with this project. Chickens are very clever devices that turn food scraps into eggs – wonder if they’ll let us keep them in the apartment complex.

  2. I love chickens and wish I could raise them here. Good luck with your new adventure.

  3. I love my chickens I own 7 older gals that are laying and I have 21 other chicks that I am trying to sell till I have about 7 left of them! We have build both of our coops “The Chicken Brownstone” and “The Chicken Yurt” each for under $100! It was an initial investment but ours are designed to be easy to clean which since its my job I love! Anyways good luck with your chicken adventures….you won’t be disappointed!

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