Well the next project wasn’t chickens…

Darn it all. But no chickens.

Other things came up. Life has that way of throwing curve balls at ye when least expected or appreciated.

Been doing some serious reflecting of where I’d like myself and my family to be over the next 10 years, where our country is going (to hell in a handbasket), and what’ll happen after the November elections regardless of which mainstream bought and paid for clown ‘wins’.

If the current guy wins, there will likely be some false flagged event to create new enemies and clamp down on our freedoms even further.

If the new guy wins, there will probably be instigated race riots (yet another form of false flag event) in order to give them something else to take away more of our freedoms with. Either way, the system wins, we lose.

I believe it was Einstein that once said (paraphrased) that you cannot use the same thinking to solve a problem, as the thinking that created the problem. We need a tabula rasa. A clean slate.

Now we just need to figure out a way to make that happen.

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