REAL Mint Tea

I’m reposting something I put up at a foraging forum I post to, at my wife’s insistance that folks have to try this. šŸ˜‰

On my walk today, I scored some mint that was growing next to a small creek. I have no idea what kind it was, nor do I really care, to be honest. I probably should, but I don’t. How’s that for honest? šŸ˜‰ It’s some kind of Mentha. I’m about as likely to mistake it for something else as you are to mistake an orange or a banana for a zucchini. Mint is mint. All true Mentha anyway, and all of them are potential teas.

I’m the guy that learned all of my plants growing up as the common names, and who has had to insert latin names in my adulthood. So, effectively, I’m learning everything I already know, all over again. Oh the fun.

It’s the same kind of mint that’s been growing there for 30 years, and the same kind of mint that’s in my garden. But the bonus to this was I didn’t have to mess with or cull any of my own plants to get this mint.

Now, tonight I did something I’d never done before. I picked a few sprigs of it and steeped it FRESH in hot water. Not boiling, but hot water for about 10 minutes with a lid on. (I just put a cutting board over the cup.)

The result was amazing. Now I’ve had mint tea before, many, many times. All kinds and brands, and even mint tea from dried mint leaves. Some are good, some are OK, and some are pretty tasty.

But I’d never steeped the herb fresh before, believe it or not.

And let me tell you… it was like angels parted the clouds and started singing the praises of Mentha. It was so good, I don’t even have words for how good it was. Yea. It was that good.

Try it yourself and see!

Also, whilst ye are at it, how about learning something about wild plants?
Go to ‘Green’ Deane Jordan’s forum, Eat The Weeds:

And don’t let the word ‘Green’ in front of his name throw ye off. He’s not a liberal fluffybunny. He’s really and honestly and truly ‘Green’, as in actually sustainable, and is NOT a fan of the ‘green agenda’ horsepucky.

I consider him a good friend, even though we’ve never met in person, as he lives in FL, and I live in PA. (Ah, the wonder and power of the internet, where we can meet quality folks the world over!)

I’ve learned a lot from this guy, and you can too.

I’m a Sr. Member on that forum, and post as “Janos”. If you have an interest in edible wild plants, come give us a visit and say hello.

You can also take a look at his youtube channel. Last I checked he has something like 136 videos on edible plants and other awesome stuff.

Also be sure to visit his main site,where he has over 1000 plant profiles for your perusal.

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7 thoughts on “REAL Mint Tea

  1. I’ve also read that if you steep the mint in hot cream you can make mint ice cream that is awesome!!! Have to try that!!

  2. Teresa Sue

    Sounds nice. No access to fresh mint at the present….I will be changing that tho as after we get Idaho settled.

    • I’ll have to do a bit of research regarding altitude, but if it will grow well, mint would be a wonderful landscaping plant for the Citadel. I’d say that unless it serves some other purpose, that the entirety of the landscaping should either be edible, or medicinal. Thereby, it serves at least the dual purpose of providing eye candy in good times, and emergency food/medical source in not so good times.

      It’s thinking ahead and planning things like this that will keep us alive when others fail.

      • Teresa Sue

        That subject has come up and I’m sure it will be implemented.

  3. I’ve tried peppermint tea before, is this different from this mint tea?

    • This tea is made using the fresh LIVE sprig from a mint plant. Yes it is very different from a dried and reconstituted tea. The flavor, the mint oils, everything is very much alive and effervescent.

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