Fall Foraging

I made a big pot of my delicious trademark soup this afternoon. It takes a while, so it didn’t finish cooking until late this evening, but it was worth the wait.

The recipe is in the ‘recipes’ tab.

I found some Broad Leafed Dock, (Rumex obtusifolius) that was very nice, despite being late in the season. I chopped it up and into the soup it went.

Also, I found some Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) and Plantain (Plantago). That went into the soup as well, chopped up.

I also added:

2 chicken thighs and drumsticks

5 small potatoes, cubed

4 carrots, sliced and diced.

a large onion, diced

half a coffee cup of real ancient sea salt (for the whole pot)

and two large pinches of dried rosemary

It was served over half a bowl of cooked brown rice.

It came out absolutely delicious. Seeing as how I hadn’t made soup for months, I almost forgot how good it was.

I was quite hungry, so I didn’t take a picture of the bowl of soup when it was done. But, it basically looks like any other real chicken soup, I’d imagine. I’ll try to remember to take a pic when I eat some again tomorrow, and update the posting.

Addendum: Added soup pic. YUM!

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2 thoughts on “Fall Foraging

  1. I’ve always wanted to learn about wild foods. Do you have any reading suggestions (blogs, books, magazines or websites)?

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