New Page on Wild Cookery! “Looks Edible But Isn’t”

This new section will be added to once a week or so going forward. New notifications for postings will be made here, in the main page. I’ve never seen anyone put together anything like this, and I wish I had such a resource when I was a beginning forager. Something to tell me what some of the common plants are that LOOK edible, but really aren’t. Such a resource can save a someone countless hours of research, by showing some simple pictures and descriptions by saying “Hey, that’s not edible, don’t bother with it.”, as opposed to weeks of research to find barely a mention of an item, and then find out after all that time, that no, it’s NOT edible, which is why you can’t find boo about it.

Some plants will be toxic, and if so, will be mentioned. Others are just plain out inedible for some reason or another.
I hope this resource helps folks going forward and saves them time, effort, and energy, that they can then put into researching other items that ARE edible. 🙂

All the best!


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