Welfare and the Victim Mentality, (and How it Relates to Foraging) Part II

I know this concept can be unpopular, and I know it can be rough folks. Believe me, I’ve been there.

In the very early days of my unemployment 4 years ago, we reached out to our friends, family and neighbors, and even local churches for help.

The FIRST thing we were asked is, “Have you signed up for food stamps.?”

When we said we didn’t want to do that, almost EVERYONE rejected us out of hand. They said that if we wouldn’t sign up for food stamps, then they couldn’t help us. That, and I QUOTE, “It’s the government’s job to help people in need. I don’t have the cash to help you, I’m in a rough spot myself.”

All but two of our relatives refused to help us. Those that did helped us enough to barely eke by, but they did so hesitantly and resentfully.

My sister, who is the most religious of any in my family, and who also has the highest income, refused to help us outright, saying that we’d brought it upon ourselves by refusing to go on welfare.

We went to the local food banks and the local churches.

The food bank asked us if we’d applied for welfare. We said, no, we don’t want to depend on the .gov. They said it was the govt’s job to help people in need, and that if we refused to go on welfare they couldn’t help us. They told us that they were sorry, but it was their policy, and they had to refer everyone who came to them for help to the state to get on welfare. They outright refused to help us. We walked out of there with NOTHING. Not even a bag of groceries.

Then we went to my old family church. The local church I used to go to (Catholic) refused to help us, because, I kid you not, I married a woman who wasn’t Catholic. So, according to them, it was ok for us to suffer because we weren’t practicing Catholics and because my wife wasn’t Catholic. Even though my family had supported that church since 1908. They told us to get on welfare.

I haven’t been back to that church since. It has since been sold to a Black Baptist congregation. It’s now in better hands, I think.

And we wonder why there is a problem in America.

It’s OUR responsibility. Not the govt’s, not the churches, even though they SHOULD do something, most will not.

It’s OUR job to help those in need no matter how much or how little we have.

We still give to charity and help other people. Often it’s our last dollar, but we give it gladly. Because it’s OUR job. And somewhere out there, there is someone much less fortunate than we, that needs a bit of a hand.

Welfare and Food Stamps should immediately cease to exist. Charity needs to go back to where it’s always been. In the hearts and the minds of We the People.

Maybe then, we’d actually get somewhere.

Do you know who actually helped us? Our online family that our ‘real life’ friends and family do not consider to be ‘real friends’ because they are online. Some we’ve never even met before. That first year when it was the toughest for us, we got help from friends in the UK, Australia, Canada, Holland, all over the world.

And yet our own next door neighbors that I’ve known for 30 years were willing to let us starve.

Family isn’t who you are related to. Friends are not who you’ve known in person for decades. It’s who steps up to the plate to help a soul in need, because they know it’s THEIR job to help people who need a hand, and that one day, we’ll be there to help them, should they ever need it.

That is what family and friends are. Those other people, that I’d known for decades and whom I’m related to? They don’t exist anymore to us. We’ve cut the diseased tissue out of our lives so that it no longer affects us, and we are much happier for it.

Going forward the only way we’ll be able to survive as a People is if we make the HARD CHOICES, and say, “Hey Bob. I know you are my brother, but you are a liberal asshat, are willing to let my family starve to death, and are actively trying to take my freedoms and liberties away by the tyrants you insist on voting for. I’m sorry Bob, but you aren’t my family anymore. Have a nice life.”

It’s hard. It’s brutal even. But unless we can cut those who would harm us out of the loop, or those who are indifferent to us being harmed, nothing will ever change. Do you have the courage to step forward and do what it takes to forge a REAL family? One that will stick with you through Hell itself, if need be? For the sake of your family, I certainly hope so.

As I say, there is ALWAYS a choice. And the choice, as always, is yours.

All the best,


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3 thoughts on “Welfare and the Victim Mentality, (and How it Relates to Foraging) Part II

  1. Years ago I was a stay at home mom with our baby (then 15 months old) when my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer and had a stroke on the operating table. He never went back to work. It was going to be 6 months before unemployment insurance kicked in….so I swallowed my pride and went to the food stamp office to ask about enrolling for the 6 months. I was told that because we had IRAs (way too low to depend on in our retirement years) we did not qualify. That I would have to get rid of them first. I asked “You are telling me to impoverish myself in my old age to get through this 6 months?” Yes. What a system. What happened next was an amazing miracle. Money started appearing in our mailbox. It was the poorest I had ever been, and the richest. It was amazing to feel wrapped in the love of strangers.

  2. I can relate to your story, and I agree that many people will pretend to believe that the social safety nets would do an adequate job to meet your needs if you tried to access that kind of help just to blow you off with a lame excuse for why they can’t be bothered to offer you any personal assistance. The reality is that social safety nets are not adequate to meet the needs of the desperate, neither public assistance or charity can keep up with the need for assisted housing for instance to keep people from ending up on the street. So blaming the existence of social safety nets for the cruelty of people who pretend to care about you when you don’t ask them for anything isn’t quite right – but the culture of hypocrisy that we live in does reach all the way into the ranks of the social welfare liberals, and poisons even the staff of public welfare agencies so that social workers themselves engage in subtle victim-blaming behaviors whenever you try to indicate that the help they are offering would not do you any real good. It’s a big problem, but entrenched in our attitudes and behaviors so that we don’t even notice it until we ourselves are the ones in need. I don’t think eliminating social safety nets would do anything to solve it, but the current state of existing social safety nets is an abomination, and so is our society’s attitude toward the needy overall.

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