Impending Hurricane

I turned on the net news yesterday and this was supposed to miss us entirely.

I turned on the net news this morning, and it says we are in the red danger ‘oh shit’ zone, and it’s going to likely be coming right over us with 65mph winds either Monday night or Tuesday morning. We live in western Pennsylvania. It’s supposed to go right over Pittsburgh, nail us, and then go northwards to Erie and beyond.

Oh the joy.

The good thing is we are as prepped as we can be for the power going out. No power means no water, as everyone here has wells. We filled some extra water receptacles today just to have them, in case it last longer than a day or two. It also means no heat, even for folks who have forced gas heating. Yea, the gas will still be on, but the electric that runs the blower fan won’t be working. People seem to miss minor details like that.

It’s no big deal for me, as I’ve got a few important books I need to get read anyway. Last big outage we had was back in ’08 I think, with Hurricane Ike. Our power was out for 12 days.

It’ll be a bit nippy without electric heat though, and I’m not about to use my stored up firewood for nights only going down into the 40’s. That’s not ‘cold’, that’s just annoying. And that’s what everyone has sweaters and extra blankets for. 😉

The only thing I’m concerned about is that if the power is out for more than 3 days, we’ll lose our entire chest freezer full of wild greens, fruit, mushrooms, and other goodies that we’ve spent the entire year collecting for use over the winter. And if this happens, we will not be happy little campers at all. We’ve already had our first two spring harvests obliterated, to very little amusement, earlier in the year.

Stay safe, everyone who is in the path of this.

We’ll be online until we aren’t, should the power go out.

Don’t worry about us, we’re as prepared as we possibly can be, all things considered, and it’s not a big deal for us. And if it lasts much longer than it’s supposed to, well… we’ll just take things a day at a time from there. We’re far enough from the main area of town that looting ‘shouldn’t’ be much of a problem.

And if it is, I reckon there will be a fella or two with crossbow bolt ‘tattoos’ on their chests… hopefully it doesn’t come to that. I’d hate to have to clean up that kind of mess. 😛

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3 thoughts on “Impending Hurricane

  1. Stay safe, we just finished putting everything away for the hurricane 🙂 Make sure my book is one of the ones you read okay 🙂

  2. Good luck!

  3. Teresa Sue

    Good luck is right. Stay snug. Fill the bathtub up with water so you have water to flush the toliet with, that’s what I do when we are threatened with power outages, we’re on a well too.

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