Waste and the American Mindset of Excess

I’ve had a lot on my plate lately (figuratively speaking), and so I took a little time today to just read a few new blogs here and there that I’ve discovered recently, but haven’t yet made the time to explore.

On several comments on various food related/homesteading/cooking/prepper blogs, I noticed a distinct trend. The women were often talking about throwing away ‘leftovers’, and how they’d remind the kids and DH to eat the leftovers, they invariably wouldn’t, and in the trash it went. Wash, rinse, repeat.

A lot of this food discarded was home grown and/or home butchered. Talk about a waste! It wasn’t even fed to pets or livestock. Just in the trash it went.

They were talking about how they were either throwing away food after every single meal, OR, how it would just sit in the fridge for eons until it went bad, and then be thrown out..

And I’m just thinking to myself… ye gods. What very different worlds we live in.

Oh for my family to be so arrogant and spoiled and wasteful that we had the luxury of throwing away perfectly good food at every meal.

But, if it sounds like I’m jealous… I’m not. It’s an absolute abomination. And such over-consumption and waste is the reason why people have to spend so much for food. Think how much less shopping they’d have to do if they didn’t throw away 25% of their meals every day!

If folks want to seriously slash their food costs by 25%, then they can stop throwing away 25% of their food, because they are too fricking lazy and/or spoiled to eat their perfectly good leftovers! DUH!

I know, I know… some people just balk at the thought of eating *shudder* leftovers. Like it’s something only poor people do. If you can cook worth a damn, leftovers are a joy, I can tell you that. Not only are some things better on the second day (like soup), but it’s a treat not having to make a meal from scratch because you have enough leftovers that you don’t have to. Double win!

We are certainly not food-poor in this household.

We always have plenty of nutritious and delicious food to eat. We make sure of that.

However, the concept of waste, is so utterly foreign to us that to even THINK to throw something away that was still good, or to let it sit in the fridge so long that it became bad in the first place, is totally alien to our mindsets.

Waste is the only cardinal sin in this house. If it is good, it SHALL NOT be thrown away. Period.

But these folks that throw food away 3x a day? Oh, they’re in for a treat once their wasteful little lifestyles come to a crashing halt.

BTW, these are also people who think life is ‘so hard’, and that they ‘just barely get by’.

It’s so cute and quaint, it’s almost humorous.

If they think that their excessively wasteful little modern lifestyles are ‘so hard’… well Martha, ye ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

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5 thoughts on “Waste and the American Mindset of Excess

  1. Does that make me a bad person for buying four large packages of Oreo cookies for hurricane comfort food lol 🙂

    • Nope. Only if you throw them away or waste them. I’ve never heard of Oreos going bad. They don’t usually last that long. Om nom nom 😀

  2. Craig Cavanaugh

    Very little gets wasted around here. Leftovers (if there are any) are lunch for me the next day. It kills me to see the food some people waste…

    • A dozen or so years ago I shared a place with my sister and her husband. They like to go out to eat. A LOT. Well, the thing with Mr. Hubby is that he never, and I do mean never, ate his leftovers. He had grown up poor, and had this stigma that leftovers were for ‘poor people’. So, I routinely took his awesome leftovers from Olive Garden and the like for my lunch. Cut down on my lunch bill dramatically, and saved food that was going to be pitched in the trash anyway. 😉

  3. susiesgirl@longgunshooters.com

    Hello, Wildcookery! Finally got over to your blog.

    I agree about leftovers. We PLAN on them in this house. If a chicken is cooked and not completely consumed, it becomes the basis for a soup or goes on top of a salad. We sometimes have a leftover night where we get out the weeks bits and each one makes a plate of their favorites. If I overcooked when company visited, I freeze larger amounts so they can become quick meals in the future (daughter in college would ask if there was anything in the freezer she could take back, and her friends would be insanely jealous). Food is not thrown away. That would be akin to my throwing away my husbands paycheck.

    I’ve been trying to make large enough quantities lately that I can put four quarts of “whatever” up in the canner. I get outvoted when it comes to doing so, everyone wants the roast, the beef stew, the chili as leftovers!

    Leftovers are a busy mom’s friend.

    Good job on the blog and stay safe in Pennsylvania during the storm. DD (she who was in charge of making space in the freezer by taking leftovers back to college) is in MD just north of DC. You will be in my prayers tonight, too.


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