Welfare and the Victim Mentality, (and How it Relates to Foraging) Part IV

Yea, I know, I’m on a roll today. This is one of those subjects that just really, really, irks me. Mostly because it’s so misunderstood, and because of how EASY it is to remove ourselves from this cycle of dependence.

And learning about wild food is cake. If you made it through that hell known as public school, you can certainly make it through Foraging Basics 101. It’s a lot less stuffy and a lot more interesting. And hey, you get to eat the science projects. Win-win! 🙂

So why am I doing this? Am I an absolute angel who cares for and loves all of humanity (even the people I can’t stand) as my brothers and sisters? Hardly. I’m more like this:

Now, I’m a fairly nice guy, and I’ll help out those in true need. But mostly it’s so that you and yours don’t become a problem to me and mine. So in that way, I’m a bit of a ‘Yanker’. 😉

Because trust me when I tell you, that I don’t want to catch you in my kitchen at 4 AM raiding my cupboards looking for a can of Dinty Moore. This will be the least of what happens:

However, with the knowledge to provide for your own family, you won’t have to do something stupid like break into your neighbor’s house and try to steal their food because you were too short-sighted to learn how to gather your own.

Now, just imagine, for the briefest of moments, if everyone did this. We’d have zero problem, even in the worst of crises.

Honestly though, not everyone is going to do this. Not even 0.1% of 1/% are going to do this. I’d go so far to say that if there are 385 million Americans, that maybe, MAYBE, several hundred thousand people in the whole country have some kind of basic foraging skills. That is to say, they can recognize wild grapes, blackberries, wild strawberries, and the like.

Of that group, maybe tens of thousands have slightly more advanced foraging knowledge in that they’ve INTENTIONALLY gone out and foraged for things, and eaten such treats as dandelions, thistle, etc.

Going a bit further, there are maybe a few thousand people with what I’d consider pretty advanced foraging skills. They could survive through this with little real problem. Most of those folks that I’ve met in person hang out at the Green Deane forums. http://eattheweeds.com/forum/index.php

They’re really top notch folks.

Going even further, there are maybe a few hundred people left alive in this country like me, that have been foraging for decades, and do it as a way of life, that can keep you and yours alive through pretty much anything. Most are older folks. I was blessed by having it introduced to me from an extremely young age by a father who was interested in it. Break down that several hundred into a per county basis, and you are honestly pretty screwed. The likelihood of there being someone like me in your particular county, is pretty slim.

And yet going even FURTHER, there are two, maybe three dozen people like Green Deane Jordan, Samuel Thayer, Dr. John Kallas, and ‘Wildman’ Steve Brill in the whole COUNTRY whose knowledge of foraging in many different areas is extremely extensive, and whom I would label the ‘teachers of the teachers’. They make me look like a ‘noob’. A rank novice. Most keep to themselves, and thus, their knowledge to themselves, and aren’t well known. Thankfully Samuel Thayer, Dr. John Kallas, and Steve Brill have written books, and Green Deane Jordan provides a free service to humanity by making his knowledge available to all who would learn it, free of charge, at his website, his forum, and on Youtube. (Hint, hint, go learn something.)

Now these numbers could be a bit off, and it’s just my own assumption. But the ratio is probably pretty on the ballpark.

The bottom line is that it costs nothing more than your time to learn something that will not only feed your family better food than what you are likely currently eating, but something that will likely save their lives as well.

I, and others, can teach you how to be FREE and INDEPENDENT. And isn’t that what mankind was born to be? JFK thought so in his famous speech.

JFK Free and Independent speech

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One thought on “Welfare and the Victim Mentality, (and How it Relates to Foraging) Part IV

  1. I could never understand how anyone with any self respect could constantly play the poor me I’m a victim card.

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