Someone is Poaching Deer at Nearly 1 AM in My Woods

Le joy.

A shot just went off in my woods at exactly 12:59AM. High caliber too. I’d guess 30.06 or .308 by the rapport.

One shot, and one shot only. They must have hit it. I’ll go take a look at first light, but I’m not likely to find any blood and entrails. The rain will take care of the former, and the coyotes will take care of the latter.
You can’t hunt between sunset and sunrise, and you can’t hunt on a Sunday in Pennsylvania.
Wouldn’t do any good calling any of the co called ‘authorities’. They wouldn’t do jack von shit about it anyway. And they sure as heck aren’t going to go out there looking for a fellow with a night-scope that’s poaching deer.

The thing that concerns me is that I know all my neighbors very well. Most of them are older folks age 65 and up. They wouldn’t be in the woods at 1 AM, and they sure as hell wouldn’t be poaching deer behind my house. Which means we have someone who thinks they can both trespass AND poach game on other people’s property. Not a very good mix.

Also it means that they are either stupid enough, or desperate enough for food, to be doing this, and if caught, would likely do something very, very stupid. I don’t need this kind of grief right now.

I’ll go take a look after I wake up tomorrow anyway. Not that I expect to find anything.

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6 thoughts on “Someone is Poaching Deer at Nearly 1 AM in My Woods

  1. I didn’t do it. If they are poaching this early in Pa, They need the food. In my neck of the woods, a road kill doesn’t last 15 minutes.

  2. Stay safe.

  3. Teresa Sue

    They have night vision to hunt at night, but need the meat…..wth, I don’t have any night vision devices, but I have meat, priorities, I guess…..not that I don’t WANT night vision…..

    • Most likely some ‘uber-hunter’ got recently unemployed, or had their benefits run out.

      People have all kinds of money to spend on things when they’re employed. Especially the things they don’t really need. It’s when they become unemployed, or under-employed, that they start to slowly realize that they have zero real preparations for difficult times.

  4. I’m not unsympathetic to people who may be hungry (or THINK they’re hungry), but the chances of someone honestly being actually hungry and not on some form of .gov aid in this town is pretty close to zilch.

    Which means they don’t truly NEED the meat, in the most basic sense of the term. If they’re getting food stamps, the only way they NEED the meat, is if they are total fricking idiots and massively inept at basic shopping and cooking.

    What irks my girk is that I could have put an arrow through a deer a week or so ago when three of the things were eating from my pear tree. I didn’t. And I only get meat about once or twice a week, so we really COULD have used it. But I didn’t do it, because we didn’t TRULY need the meat, and figured that it was better to save the wild game for when we really DID truly need it.

    Some people don’t think ahead that far, and now there is one less deer in my woods because of some greedy prick that only thinks of themselves. I don’t care that they’re breaking the law. What I care about is that they are trespassing onto my property in the wee hours of the night and think it’s OK to shoot something that isn’t theirs in very close proximity to my house. How do I know this wanker cares about what’s beyond his target? What’s to stop him from taking a shot at a deer that is in the direction of my house next time? Whether he hits or misses, it could still go through the deer, or miss a tree, and come into my house and hit myself, my wife, my kid, or my freaking cat.

  5. There’s gonna be a lot of poached deer in Pa this year. It is a more honest way to feed a family than the alternatives, when the unemployment runs out. But we have more deer in pa. so much so that there will probably be bonus tags issued this year. I can’t afford the tags this year but I was gifted two crop damage tag deer and a road kill….Or I would be out, without license hunting myself. Down where I’m from, there is mountain rules….And they go like this…If a neighbor gets a an Ill Eagle deer. Mind your own bizzness. Newb’s on the mountain don’t get it and try to bring the low lander rules with them. So we get into a po folks and landowner area. There is something called a right away in the commonwealth and I have had to use that argument before. Day or night I can cross property on Native trails.
    There is something else to consider, The shot may have been someone hunting coyote or even coon. He might been only close and not on the actual property. Most poachers favor a 22 rifle with a 1liter pop bottle on the end with leaves a signature of only a whip crack.
    The working poor have few options, The rules are agin us all the way.

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