Why is Sandy Only a Category 1 Hurricane?

I’ve been following this closely, and I’d like to point out a few things that I haven’t seen anyone else point out yet.

Sandy has the classification of a Category One Hurricane. This is based solely on it’s wind speed of 90mph.

But let’s take a look at the other current features.

It has the projected Damage Category of a Cat 3. Hurricane (Extensive)

It has the Approximate Pressure of a Cat 4 Hurricane (940 mb)

It has the Storm Surge of a Cat 3 Hurricane (11 feet)

So, in short, other than wind speed, it has all the makings of a Cat 3 – Cat 4 Hurricane, and may be even MORE destructive as it’s slated to ‘stall out’ for a while over central PA for almost a day before moving on. Giving it plenty of time to cause flood damage, downed trees, and all kinds of other widespread devastation.

Do not underestimate this hurricane just because it’s being called a ‘Category 1 Hurricane’.

You’ve never seen, or been, through a storm like this before.

Also, they are saying that on a destructive scale of 6.0, the storm surge of Sandy (just the hurricane, and not even the combo storm) will be a 5.8.


Think on that a while.

Stay safe, everyone.


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