We’ve Come To The End Of Cake

This hits the nail on the head so hard, it screamed and sparked going in. (And maybe whimpered a bit along the way.) 😉

Rarely does a published writer have the guts to actually lay it out on the line. I highly respect that.


Yesterday I found myself listening to one side of a conversation with someone who wants to vote in a way that will assure she can retire at fifty with her pension because she was promised, and 10% has been taken out of her paycheck her entire working life.

Well, yeah.  And I want a pony and a magic unicorn.

The money isn’t there.  The state in question is stone cold broke.  We can argue till the cows come home about where the money went or if it was a good idea.  Most of it went up some government’s hole and got lost in the gigantic game of bureaucratic pass-around.  What it got nominally used for is irrelevant.  As is whose fault it is.

The money isn’t there.  And part of the reason it isn’t there is that all these programs, union or not, private or public depended on one thing: More people.  In the early twentieth century, everyone knew that every generation would be bigger than the last.   It is baked in all the sf books, even Heinlein’s.

Except we made it hard to have and raise children.  And it didn’t happen.

The multitudes that were supposed to keep us safe and warm in retirement aren’t there.  (This also has an adverse effect on investment but that’s something else again.)  The money we paid in was spent on the current generation of older people.


Read the full article here. it’s an awesome read: http://accordingtohoyt.com/2012/11/05/weve-come-to-the-end-of-cake/

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2 thoughts on “We’ve Come To The End Of Cake

  1. Yup. One reason I’m trying to leave a job of 25yrs, because I know the retirement will not be there when I’m ready. We all know the money is gone, it’s just a matter of getting to yours before everyone else gets to theirs. I may be able to cash it out soon, but I know the longer I wait, the less chance I will have of seeing a single penny of it. Plus, having a nice chunk of change to stick into an Idaho based builders pocket for a nice chunk of Idaho based land and a nice chunk of Idaho basement’d single family home…..that’s a dream come true and what I’d planned on doing with the money in 12yrs anyway!

  2. Teresa Sue

    What is it about libs that they can’t understand that the cash cow has been butchered?

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