Turkey and Cat Litter

What’s one have to do with the other? Read on!

I went to town today to pick up a few essentials such as sugar, flour, milk, and meat.

The meat for the second half of this month is turkey. I got an approximately 12.5 pound turkey for 79 cents a pound. Ye can’t beat that with a stick. The whole thing cost me under $10.

This will make Thanksgiving dinner, and the copious leftovers will be bagged in ziploc bags and frozen, and the bones will make the best darn turkey soup you ever did taste.

Unfortunately I also had to buy cat litter. My cat, judging by his “I really don’t give a feck, Dad” kind of look, is obviously thrilled that he got ‘Premium’ litter instead of the regular litter, because the store was out of regular litter. Again. That’s an extra $2 a bag for the same exact stuff that’s in the other bag. One just says ‘Premium’ on it. Conveniently enough they seem to always be out of the regular stuff every single time I go to the store. Probably just another marketing ploy. I swear they leave the regular stuff unstocked so you’ll just buy the Premium bag. Wouldn’t put it past them. What’s the chances of them being out of regular litter every single time I’ve been in that damn store in the past 5 months?

I also got a dozen donuts today. This is something I don’t typically do. But I figured, hey, what the heck. It’s the little things in life that make all the difference, right? My monthly budget doesn’t usually include junk food. And now I remember why. *shudders* I ate two of those darn things and I feel like I need to scrape the funk on my tongue off with a straight razor. Bleh! I don’t know which of the GMO ingredients gives it the ‘grease from hell’ taste but the only thing I ever remember having that same taste was cold venison stew. Cold deer fat is the most disgusting tasting thing on the planet, in my estimation. This is a close second.

Maybe I’ll take and post a few pics of the turkey once it’s made, maybe not. I think everyone’s seen a turkey before. You seen one (turkey), you’ve seen them all! 😉

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8 thoughts on “Turkey and Cat Litter

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t get a wild turkey!

    • Nah. Whilst I do admit that a wild turkey would have been much tastier, I’m a long-term planning kind of guy. Getting a turkey at the freezer section only costs me useless fiat money. I may need my local wild turkey resources over the winter. It’s like the reason I pick mint off of my property, even though I have mint ON my property. When possible, always endeavor to use external resources FIRST, and your own, LAST. Remember that. It may save your life one day in a survival situation. 🙂

  2. What about sand? You can get about 50 pounds of sand box sand at most home improvement stores for under $5.00 a bag. A little baking soda and or activated charcoal will control the odors and a scoop the poo will make it last longer. Sand is a great Multi-tasker from filtering water to providing traction in the winter time. As well as being a great start for building materials. I have a small kiddy pool I will set in the basement for the critters with a rock for the dogs to pee on and I will fill with a bit of sand, if we have to close up the house for whatever reason. Dirty Bomb, sickness outbreak whatever….
    Yes this kind of thinking probably kept me out of the “good schools”!

    • I tried that already. (Sand that is). It’s too fine, gets stuck between his little kitty toes, then he makes a HUGE AOE (Area of Effect) mess around the kitty box, then jumps up on my lap with wet sandy paws. No thanks. I f’n HATE sand. I mean hate with a capital HATE sand. It gets into everything. And I already scoop the cat poo, so that’s not an issue.

  3. Teresa Sue

    LOL. Use some of that cat litter to scrub your tongue, 😉 lol, sorry, it cracked me up. 😉

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