Foraging Duo

I posted this earlier today in response to a post on the topic of ‘Foraging Tools’ on the Green Deane Forum.

When foraging I always carry what I call my ‘foraging duo’.

I carry a bunch of different stuff, but the two things on me no matter what, are my two pocket knives.

foraging duo

This is a Victorinox Officer Suisse swiss army knife, along with a Benchmade tanto-pointed combat folder. The swiss army knife applications are obvious, but I like my Benchmade folder for it’s ruggedness and utility. I’ve put that knife through hell for a dozen years or so now and it’s barely dulled the blade. I’ve never sharpened it either. I haven’t needed to. Thus, I keep it less than super sharp, but if I ever needed to actually sharpen it, my Victorinox comes with a mini steel in the sheathe that I could use to sharpen it up if I had to clean an animal for survival.

It’ll make short work of anything from rabbit size to idiot size.

Also, not shown, is a full tang, paracord wrapped, fixed tanto bladed full size combat knife. I usually keep this on my belt for extra protection from feral animals, of both the two and four legged varieties. It’s a made in China cheapy, and the sheathe and paracord are olive, so it makes it look just like a typical hunting/survival style knife. I think I paid $15 for it, but it’s sharp as heck, and if I lose it I wouldn’t cry over it. If I ever need the paracord, I can unwrap the handle and still have a full size usable knife. I can also use the mini-saw on my Officer Suisse Victorinox to cut a sturdy length of wood, and slot the full sized knife via it’s tang into the wood. Then, use the paracord to tightly wrap and secure it. The result is a spear/polearm. If you need to make that a permanent arrangement you can get sinew once you’ve killed something and replace the paracord with it and reclaim the paracord.

When I bought the knives the prices were:

Benchmade Tanto Folder: $135

Victorinox Officer Suisse $40

Chinese Tanto $15

That’s just what I paid for it. I’m sure you could find lower prices these days on the first two.

But everyone should have a GOOD quality knife, like a Benchmade, or another quality brand. It’ll last you a lifetime of real actual use, and assuming you don’t lose it, will be a one time investment that you can pass on to your great grandchildren.

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