Yet More Nibblenuttery

My wife said she saw a few deer in our yard early this morning. But they were long gone by the time I got to the window. Then, about an hour or so later I heard a shot in the woods that sounded pretty close. Looks like someone got another critter of some sort. I only heard one shot, so they probably hit it. Could have been a turkey, deer, groundhog, heck, or maybe even a pheasant. We have those around here too from time to time.

Since it’s daylight, I’ll probably go out a bit later when the rain slows down a tad and see if I can see anything. I don’t expect any bloodtrails though, to be honest, since it has been raining pretty steadily. But maybe I can find some spent shells or some such. Sounded like a shotgun of some sort, and usually folks aren’t so careful that they keep the spent shells.

I’d just like to find out who the heck is hunting on my property and what they’re using.

But if they’re hunting in this crappy weather, I’m guessing they need whatever they shot more than we do.

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One thought on “Yet More Nibblenuttery

  1. Teresa Sue

    You do what you have to do to eat. It is what it is.

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