Ye Old Wild Cookery Videos

I logged in my email today to find two dozen messages in my inbox, in addition to various follows and ‘likes’ on my mostly non-used and defunct Youtube channel.

In regards to the Wild Cookery videos…

Sorry folks, there likely won’t be any more of those. I won’t say ‘never’, but definitely not anytime soon or in the next few years.

When I made that video, and the others over a year ago now, it was just to help out a few  friends who were new to foraging, as I had some requests that I figured could best be served by just making a video.

By the time I’d gotten to the 4th video, I’d gotten a bit better at putting them together, but then my main computer’s hard drive took a dive, and obliterated all the data that I had in progress of the 5th Wild Cookery video. It was about 75% complete and was hands-down the best of them. I had backups of the original 4 vids, but not the one in progress as it was still being made in Sony Vega. With the crash I also lost all of the pictures and footage that I had for the video in addition to my copy of the editing software, which is a several hundred dollar program, so that put a bit of a damper on things. I can’t replace it right now, and I’m not going to fiddle with some inferior ‘free’ video processing software. I simply don’t have the patience right now to re-learn an entire video editing program from the ground up just to get it to do a few simple things.

Hence, I kind of lost all motivation to do any further videos. I’d have to start from absolute scratch, and I just don’t have the desire to do that at the moment. And quite honestly, I doubt if I’ll ever have that desire again.

The original purpose of the videos was met in spades. Anyone else who benefits from them beyond that, is just a bonus.

I never intended to be a ‘foraging personality’. I don’t plan on being the next Sam Thayer, or John Kallas, or Steve Brill, and I’m certainly not the next Green Deane. I’m not going to write a book on foraging, ever, and other than making a few random posts here and there to the Eat The Weed Forums and my Wild Cookery Blog  I don’t anticipate doing anything more in the realm of foraging for public consumption.

My Youtube channel is NOT monitored, and in fact, I had to think about it a while to even remember my password for it. If you comment there or follow it, I probably won’t see it and get back to you anytime, oh… ever.

If you want more videos, then Green Deane’s Youtube channel is simply the best there is. You can also visit the parent site, Eat The Weeds. There you will find fantastic articles on plants as well as over 1000 archived articles for your casual perusal and continued foraging pleasure and information.

They are well done and very professional.

As of this writing, he has 138 videos. That ought to keep anyone busy for a good long time in regards to learning about foraging! 😀

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