Tales of Days Long Past

I hear people speak all the time of what a great nation this is. I suppose, when you look at things from a certain point of view, it is. But by comparison only, for it no longer stands on it’s own two feet or merit. It is only by comparing it to how horrible some other nations are, that it gets any credence at all.

Sure, I can still write this without being drug down to the local gulag. For the moment at least. But even that is fast changing.

But what amuses me the most are people who insist that things are ‘so great’, and if one doesn’t like it then to leave.

Is that how one deals with problems in the country of one’s birth? Leave and abandon all hope of ever fixing it? And if one were to leave, where would one go? This isn’t the age of Firefly where we have freighter ships available to take us to other solar systems to colonize. If it was, I’d have been gone a long time ago. Great planet, horrible people. Get me off this rock, and let me find a place where other people have gone who still know what the concepts of liberty mean.

Most of that is lost on us here.

But what about this nation is so ‘great’? Can anyone honestly say that the economy is flourishing? Or are we at a point rivaling the Great Depression? That the school system is fantastic and turns out strong and able minded youth? Or does it churn out people who can barely read? That our medical system takes care of our old people and honored veterans? Or is it the laughingstock of the civilized world. That our political system is the best there is, where we can elect those people we believe in without fear of endless corruption? Or does the vote fraud run so deep that even the companies that own the electronic voting machines have been caught changing votes red handed?

No, we aren’t a great nation. We WERE a great nation.

We’re clinging to a corpse.

It’s like the jaded old man who was once a great adventurer, but who knows that all of his best adventures are behind him, not in front of him. So we sit there at the bar, half drunk by noon, rattling off all of our nation’s great accomplishments and achievements. But none were done in most of our lifetimes. Most of it none of us even had a hand in, with slight exception. And even if we did, it’s all past honor and glory.

And like that sad old man, all of the best achievements were in the past, and we have nothing to look forward to but tales of days long past.

And like that sad old man, we sit, not quite content, but satisfied enough with our lot to keep sitting there at the bar and telling our tales of days gone by, instead of straightening our aging spines, setting our jaws with firm resolve, and grabbing the upcoming snot-nosed generation by the shorthairs and making these people pay attention so that they don’t repeat the mistakes of the past and guide us into an even greater spiral of tyranny and despotism.

But, that’s my philosophical musings for the day. I suppose I’m a bit like that jaded old man as well.

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2 thoughts on “Tales of Days Long Past

  1. There’s a lot of what you say that I can agree with, but I remember my parents complaining the same way 50 years ago and perhaps their parents before them (but maybe not them since they were the emigrants fleeing the pogroms of eastern Europe and this was the beacon of hope and opportunity.) In fact, that is an important realization…..many of the people who emigrate here are shining examples of what works in our system. People who are willing to start from scratch, not assuming they will be handed anything, can make this work. You MUST be educated and you MUST be willing to work. To me, that is the problem. So many people of all ages are….lazy. They don’t think they are. They think they are exhausted by all they do,. In the past year, as I have gotten more and more involved in the local food movement, I have met so many farmers who NEVER have a day off, who NEVER take a vacation, who earn less than minimum wage and yet…they LOVE what they do, they have PRIDE is their accomplishments. They are PASSIONATE. It is passion that makes a difference.

    • I think ye have hit on something which is key, and which has been long forgotten. It’s the entitlement mentality which breeds such dis-satisfaction in people these days. If people would realize that they are only entitled to that which they create with their own two hands, things may be a bit different. But it’s embedded multi-generationally now, and will likely never change. Not unless the dollar collapses or some other far-reaching catastrophic event.

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