Go Green? NO! Faux Green!

Reading the GDF (Green Deane Forum) today and chatting with my lovely wife, I coined what I think is a ‘new’ term for the ‘Go Green’ trend, which totally encapsulates what it really is.

It’s not ‘Go Green’, it’s ‘Faux Green’.

Almost all of it, is complete and utter festering, stinking, putrid manure. Sorry if that’s a bit graphic, but that’s what the ‘green’ movement is in a nutshell. An off-colored bowel movement. It achieves exactly the opposite of what it purports to support.

It might as well be called the ‘ungreen’ movement.

So, unless someone else has claim to it, ye heard ‘Faux Green’ here first. 😉

Think of what the typical ‘go-greener’ does:

  • Is typically a ‘modern’ American vegetarian and thinks of anyone who eats meat as cruel, uneducated, and unintelligent misguided brutes who are killing the planet. This from people who wouldn’t know their Dandelion from their Daucus carota. Which means that if I like a little burger in my stew from time to time, I’m a savage and not even worth talking to.
  • Eats large amounts of unfermented soy products, as they’ve been told, and bought the lie, that such is ‘healthy’ for them. Not so. It messes with the estrogen cycle of women, and introduces artificial estrogens into men which emasculates them. Also, people eating such things tend to be rail thin, as they are literally starving themselves and not getting proper nutrition, and I’ve got to tell you ladies, that is NOT attractive. No matter what pop culture tells you, thin as a rail and gaunt is not ‘hot’. It’s sickly. Oh sure, you’ll find a guy to take you for a test drive, if you know what I mean, but that’s probably about as far as it’ll get. No real health conscious man wants to marry a woman that looks like a walking skeleton. They don’t look right, they don’t feel right, heck, they don’t even smell right. And then women like that wonder why they can’t have kids and need fertility drugs after messing with their systems by slucking down 20 years of soy. Gee, I wonder…
  • Buys organic cotton clothing. Usually made anywhere but in the US, and usually made by places that pay their workers dimes on the dollar to make such things.
  • Purchases ‘Free Trade Certified’ chocolate and cocoa and the like. Because, you know, it’s the right thing to do. Those farmers deserve a fair shake. Yes, they do, and they should be adult enough to get it without you having to be their mommy. So you’ll buy Free Trade chocolate so that the farmer in, say, Ecuador gets a fair shake, but what about that poor factory worker in China making your organic clothing at slave wages? Double standard much?
  • Supports carbon taxes and carbon credits in order to reduce our ‘carbon footprint’. I don’t even really have words for what a load of pure crap this is – junk science at it’s best. The earth had a far greater amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the past, and both the plants and the animals thrived. You remember those dinosaurs and 30 foot ferns? And what are you going to do next, tax the volcanoes and undersea vents? Last I checked they were still steaming out, and those have nothing to do with people.
  • Tends to purchase ‘recycled’ products at the store, so they can feel good about themselves. Even though, in reality, most ‘recycled’ products have very little post-consumer content in them at all. Companies pull the ‘recycled’ scraps off of their own factory floors that they shove back into the scrapper anyway and call that ‘recycled’ and get away with it. Some of this has changed a bit in recent years, but it still goes on. (If you buy recycled look at the post-consumer content information.)
  • Fills their entire house with ‘green’ (deadly toxic) compact fluorescent bulbs. They have no idea that should one of these break in their house, they’d literally need a hazmat team to clean up the mercury properly. And yet they push how ‘safe’ they are and how ‘ungreen’ traditional (safe) incandescent bulbs are. If you use compact florescent bulbs, make sure they are nowhere that can be broken, or in anything that can be knocked over accidentally, like a lamp. Also make sure they are way out of reach of pets and particularly children. Never, never, NEVER, let your child handle a compact fluorescent bulb! And when you do, make sure you wash your hands with soap and water immediately and thoroughly afterwards. (Unfortunately you won’t find this good helpful safety advice on any go-greener’s website, I can tell you that!)

So, for those who refuse to do any real research and still insist that the modern, standard, American vegetarian diet a la soy is ‘healthy’, I only have one more thing to say:



Don’t be a Green Zombie!

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One thought on “Go Green? NO! Faux Green!

  1. You hit the nail on the head ” they’ve been told, and [they] bought the lie”.

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