Looking for Alternative Forum Hosting Options

Forum Status: OFFLINE – Updated 03/14/2013 19:38

Well, that’s it folks. This hosting service has gone down for the third time today. Thus, I’ve secured a new hosting service with very similar options to the last one (minus the massive downtime!), and will be in the process of manually and painstakingly copying over as much of the forum as I can.

I will let everyone know here when it is back up and running again at it’s new home, and will reveal the new url at that time

The brand new Wild Cookery! Forum can be found at: http://wildcookery.prophpbb.com  To be determined.



So far no dice. I’ve found plenty of forum hosting services that WOULD work, except for the fact that they for some strange reason lock down this or that, and don’t let you modify the styles element in some way. I’d like to currently keep the default theme, or at the very least, be able to import it, but every PHPBB3 hosting service I’ve found neurotically locks down random elements of the Admin panel that make no sense whatsoever. For example, several allow extra mod functions and imports of certain things and allow you to add chat, etc, but at the same time don’t let you import your own website image like the Blackberry one you see above. WTF is up with that?

Anyway, currently, and as much as I hate to say it, it’s looking like the best option at this time is to stay with this current forum service.

I love the forum, and the admin options that I have on the back end, I just don’t like their uptime, and being down twice in two days.

So, I guess we’ll see. This sucker goes down again however, and my hand will be forced, and I’ll pick another forum host, theme be damned.


There have been outages encompassing the whole of the hosting service prophpbb the past two days. This forum has only been up a few days, and already we’ve had several hours of total and absolute downtime. This isn’t acceptable to me.

Also, the idiots over at prophpbb have their HELP BOARDS on the same servers as their hosting. Which means, that when the hosting service goes down, so do their forums. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. So not only are we in the dark when the forums go down, but we have no way of finding out a status, or even a ‘why’ they’ve gone down, we just have to keep checking back every so often to see if the forum is up or not, and that also is not acceptable to me. For an IT company, that’s about as unprofessional as it gets and I refuse to deal with such blatant incompetence.

Thus, I’ll be looking for another hosting service.

This will of course mean re-creating the base forum structure from scratch. But better to do that NOW, and have a stable forum going forward than keep going on something which has proven itself to be unreliable.

I’ll let ye all know what I find…

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