Welcome to the Brand New Wild Cookery and Foraging Forums!

My dearest foraging friends,

First off, let me apologize for the inconvenience of having to move the forum. There was, however, no way around it. The old forum’s servers crashed a total of eight times, just today in my efforts to copy over the data. Such a flaky forum host is not acceptable to me. You deserve better than that. I think that now, we have a stable forum hosting service. I’ve used this provider before in the past, and whilst not totally ideal in some respects, it should indeed be much more stable and productive.

This is a completely new, made from scratch forum. It only looks like the old one. I mirrored it as much as I could, with the exception being that I cleaned up and re-organized some of the forum boards a bit, to be, I hope, a bit more comprehensive.

However, it is not a totally clean slate. The meat and bones of the last forum were saved and form the backbone of this new forum.

I copied over all the text from all the posts that I could, and I got everything that I saw. There were a few things that I’d posted that I have intentionally not transferred over, but most of the important stuff is still there.

If I have missed anything, please let me know and I will do my best to rectify it.

Of course, the text will just be posted in the threads, not under the original poster, but I copied it with quotes when applicable so you can see who originally wrote the post.
Everyone will have to unfortunately re-register, but that should be a relatively quick and painless process.

Be aware that being a free forum it will try to offer you junk in the sign up. You can just click on the slightly greyed out ‘no thanks’ when it comes up. The number of offers that you will have to click through varies, but typically 3 – 5.

Thank you again for your time and participation, and I hope to see you all at the new forum soon.
All the best, my friends.

The new forum is located here: http://wildcookery.freeforums.org


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3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Brand New Wild Cookery and Foraging Forums!

  1. Just a note of ID for you–I am also The Wild Ramp and WVFarm2u…since I will be moving from West Virginia to Oregon in the fall I will leave those IDs behind for others to continue but the CustomTripPlanning is me…at least until I find my new farm/food relationship in my new home.

  2. Janos, I gave you a plug at the Grab The Apple forum started by ferfal but he is no longer involved with the forum as he started a new survival forum. GTA is an ecletic bunch and the forum allows and has seen some knock down, drag out verbal battles. I know there have been a few times I have had to make myself take a time out and and agree to disagree. You know I’m not at all passive when I get worked up on a topic. But most of the time its a good discussion with very little drive by trolling allowed. Not because we delete posts or comments but because we expect people to defend their positions and ideas.
    I’ll be adding in your foum as soon as I make a few changes at my blog rolls. Best of luck with your forum. I’ll be joining to learn in the next couple of days.

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