Real Animal Cruelty

The world is FULL of what I term as “Those kinds of people.”

You know the sort. The kind that make you think… Ye gods… and these people actually reproduce?

So there I was sitting at the stop light in town waiting for it to turn green, and in front of me is this big honkin gas guzzlin’ SUV with stickers all over the back. Not just on the bumper, oh no. All over the entire rear of the vehicle. I’ve never quite understood why some people pay more for a vehicle that cost more than some people’s houses, and then ghetto it up with $2 stickers. Anyway…

The center sticker said ‘Animal Cruelty is a Crime!’ Flanked by several classy wingmen, including ‘Ignorance Breeds Ignorance’ and ‘End Pit Bull Fighting NOW!’

By these, and about dozen other stickers, I quickly deduced that they were an animal rights Nazi, err, I mean ‘activist’. Probably the type that gets email newsletters from PETA.

Now, as many of ye can attest to, I don’t have a problem with what anyone’s beliefs are, one way or another. I’ll agree to disagree on just about anything.

It’s when people feel the need to glaringly shove their views in your field of vision and assault you with them, that it kind of irks me. These stickers were not tastefully placed. It wasn’t one or two. It was over a dozen. They weren’t on the front of the vehicle, nor on the sides. They were on the rear so you HAD no choice but to see them if you were behind them.

Sure, it’s ‘freedom of speech’, and thus, protected. But people want all of their favorite rights, but none of the responsibility that goes with it.

What ever happened to doing something tastefully? Back in 2008 I had a Ron Paul sticker on my car. It was one sticker, on each bumper. That was it. I also had a sign for my house. But I didn’t force it down anyone’s throat. And I really believed in that fellow.

You want to know what ‘animal cruelty’ is? It’s when my friggin cat wakes me up at 4 AM by mrowring in my face or stepping on my head, and has done so every hour, on the hour, for the past five hours. That’s animal cruelty. As in cruelty, by the animal.

And the fact that I DON’T gut and then summarily stir fry his fuzzy arse after such behavior, makes me a saint, in my opinon.

Now, animal cruelty, as most people think of it, does exist. But it certainly isn’t rampant behavior. Yea, dogs are pitted against dogs in some underground circuits, as well as cockfighting and the like, but it’s not like it goes on at every street corner. As long as there is money to be made on such things, they’ll exist. They’ve always existed, and they always WILL exist’. And no amount of awareness or ‘Stop XYZ now’ stickers are going to change that. They’ll just go MORE underground and thus become MORE profitable for the people who do it. Animals, on a whole, and especially pets, are treated better today, than at ANY time in the past. (Commercial meat farming operations not included.)

So believe in what ye believe in. Slap a bumper sticker or three on your vehicle if you feel the need, but please. Cut it out with the billboard on wheels thing already on your favorite cause. It’s so Passe.

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2 thoughts on “Real Animal Cruelty

  1. I quite agree with you but truth is, some people will continue to make their believes a religion that they expect everybody to follow or obey. I like the way you put it here, quire reflective.

  2. “Commercial meat farming operations not included.” Thanks for the disclaimer. Most people get their meat from (guess where?) factory farms. Only a select lucky few get to go hunting and actually kill wild game for their plates. I used to be one of those. But at $1,500 per year to hunt for just three months of it is way out of my budget.

    Veggies are just way more convenient. I only consider myself an activist in that I eschew anything that comes from factory farming (the pinnacle of animal cruelty) or rather, anything I didn’t hunt and kill myself. But that is all.

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