Why Are Modern People So Darn Utterly Helpless? – Part I: Intro

Henceforth known as ‘WAMPSDUH‘.

I thought of using the word ‘Useless’ in the title, instead of ‘Helpless’, but I figured that everything has a use. Even if it’s an example of what NOT to be. Or cannon fodder. πŸ˜‰

This isn’t really a ‘rant’ post, so much as it’s a ‘Let’s recognize this for what it is so that we can go about fixing it!’ kind of post. πŸ™‚

But as to the helpless/useless concept, this is a question that I’ve asked myself for quite some time now.

I looked back at the things my father could do, and before that, my grandfather, and great-grand father.

It is an overall fact that, by and large, we keep getting more useless with each passing generation.

And by ‘useless’, I mean that we need someone or something else to do what I consider very rudimentary and basic things for us. Things that our ancestors didn’t need someone to figure out for them.

Think of how useful and dynamic most of our grandparents or great-grandparents were. (Was there anything they couldn’t do?) And then look at your neighbor, or your family members, or maybe even yourself. Can they or you even make minor plumbing repairs without having to call someone? Can they or you hammer a nail straight? Hell, can they or you even find their/your own food and cook it for dinner without having to purchase it from someone else at a marketplace or have it cooked FOR ya’ll?

Let’s face it… modern people are nearly helpless compared to their ancestors.
We’re fatter, weaker, and less Renaissance.

I recognized this when I was in my early teenage years and sought to reverse the trend.

I was determined that I’d at the very least be equal in usefulness to my father. In some aspects, I’ve achieved that. In others, I still have a way to go. And in some fields I know I’ll never be as good as he was, for he was truly exceptional at a few things, whereas I’d simply term myself ‘better than average’ in those same areas.

You may be asking yourself by now β€œWhat does this have to do with foraging and/or wild food?” The answer is: EVERYTHING! Guess what skill the vast majority of people DO NOT have? That’s right. The simple ability to feed themselves.

This series will be in several parts. Currently three parts are planned, but it could go longer if necessary

The parts will be posted as they’re written and checked for any glaring grammar or spelling errors. πŸ˜‰

In part II, I will share some of my thoughts on how we got where we are today as a people and society.

In part III, I’ll go into some details of what I think we can do about it.

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One thought on “Why Are Modern People So Darn Utterly Helpless? – Part I: Intro

  1. The answer to you questions is a resounding NO. When I meet my kids in the school lunchroom, their friends (with whom we sit) have no idea what any of the stuff we’re eating is. I’ve begun bringing a little more to share, so that they know what a beet root or leaf tastes like, or a chive, or a dandelion leaf. It’s fun to watch faces light up when they realize that veggies actually taste pretty good!

    Well duh, I tell them. I wouldn’t feed my kids food they won’t eat. And all we eat is veggies.

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