The Modern Voodoo of Nutrition, Part I: Heart Healthy

This series will take a look at what I consider to be many of the modern misconceptions about nutrition, cholesterol, and what really is and is not ‘bad’ for us in regards to our diets.

The common and pervading wisdom is that a ‘low fat, low protein, high carb diet’ is ‘good’ for us. Meats and animal fats, and dairy fats, are all demonized as horrendously ‘bad’ for you and ‘heart breakers’.

So let me get this straight… we are told that the healthy fats that mankind has eaten for hundreds of thousands of years (or more), are actually ‘bad’ for us, and the fakey chemically extracted stuff that tends to mostly be in processed foods, are good for us. In other words, don’t eat eggs, because they’re ‘bad’ (again), and don’t eat butter because it’s bad, eat more margarine with vegetable oil in it instead. Like corn oil, for example. As stated in the movie ‘Fat Head’, when you press corn, you don’t get corn oil. It has to be chemically extracted. It’s an aberration of nature. Is such a thing truly ‘good’ for us? I don’t think it is.

But who’s the pusher of this particular brand of nonsense? None other than the American Heart Association.

A recent visit to their site was eye opening, to say the least. But not for the reasons you may think.

They go on to demonize ‘Sat’ their cutesy little name for their Saturated Fat character, as ‘artery clogging.’ They actually say, and I quote:

“The more time you and I spend together, the better chance I’ll have to clog your arteries and break your heart. But don’t think about that.  Let’s just sit down and eat.”

And for ‘Trans’ their cute little name for our Partially Hydrogenated ‘friend’ that they first said was ‘good’, and was promoted by the industry as heart healthy, now they say is ‘bad’. (And it is.) It says:

“If you eat, I’m your guy.  I’m even more interested if you’re the naïve type – one of those people who haven’t heard about me in the news and don’t know where to watch out for me.”

Naïve type. Yea, that about sums it up. You’d have to be pretty naïve to believe these people to begin with considering the line of bull they’re spreading.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that anything with trans fats in it is bad news. But they lump saturated fat and trans fat together as the ‘bad fat brothers’.

This is incredibly misleading. Find me ONE reliable study that proves that saturated fat is bad for you. But don’t hurt yourself searching too hard… you won’t find one. All the data points to the exact opposite. That your body NEEDS saturated fat, and a diet that is high in saturated fat is actually GOOD for you. Anyone who’s done a shred of research knows that it’s not fat that turns into fat in your body. The fat is absorbed much slower and has a chance to be burned off as energy. It’s the sugars and carbs that get turned into fat from the action of the insulin response. You eat sugars or carbs, your sugar level spikes, and your body produces insulin and converts it into fat.

The voodoo, and it really can’t be called anything else, comes to us straight from the AHA (American Heart Association) website…

These idiots actually say that Canola oil is ‘healthy’ for you. Uhh… Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, over? Canola oil is one of the worst things you can cook with, especially as it is a carcinogen when aerosolized under high heat.

Also, the site has Canola manufacturers and such as sponsors. Hmm. Not a conflict of interests there, is there?

Kind of like McDonalds supporting a study that says fast food is good for you. You’d never believe it in a million years would you? Of course not. But yet millions believe what the AHA has to say as though it’s the word of God.

Well that’s not too far off, because it’s certainly enshrined and entrenched dogma, that’s for sure.

But what really ticked me off are the following ‘facts’ that they have on their site. A fact is something that is proven. A fact is not a theory or hypothesis. One flawed and cherry picked study by Ancel Keys does not a fact make!

Text underlined by me to highlight a point in each image.
(All screenshots and images used under fair use laws.)

Let’s take a look at the first one, shall we?

Fats 1
Here it demonizes saturated fat as a ‘bad’ fat. Really? And why is that? It’s not a fact, it’s an opinion. And an incredibly flawed one at that.

Fats 2In the next image, it proceeds with the assumption that you are now properly schooled on the ‘fact’ that saturated fats are bad, and thus urges you to eat less fatty meat. Chicken with the skin on, butter, and full fat dairy products. You know, the things which are actually healthy for you.

Fats 3Next, it urges us to use liquid vegetable oil (such as canola, soy, etc…) instead of butter. The only way this would be acceptable on any level is if it was virgin pressed olive oil. But I solve that problem. I use BOTH butter AND olive oil! Yum!

Fats 4Next, they state that if you consume more calories than you burn, you’ll gain weight. This can only be so if  they continue the BS lie that ‘a calorie, is a calorie, is a calorie.’

I lost 60 pounds doing almost nothing. All I did was cut the sugars out of my diet, and ratcheted down on the carbs. I ate meats and fats and butter and olive oil and eggs like they were going out of style. I was taking in thousands of calories a day, and yet was chained to a desk for my job most of the time. I did a very little minor walking here and there. In the morning I did a set of push ups every other day or so. That’s about the extend of my physical exertion. And I lost 60 pounds sitting on my rear. So much for that little so called ‘fact’ about calories in, calories out, eh?

Fats 5Last is yet another warning about saturated fats. That’s funny. As I stated above, I lost 60 pounds eating a very heavily saturated fat diet, and all things considered, felt pretty good.

The problem is that all of this flawed research is now very deeply entrenched dogma. History shows that the only time such things change is when the baton is passed to a new generation who does not share the previous generation’s prejudices or mindset. Such is the case here. Nothing will change in the industry until those who are in high positions and keep pushing these lies retire, or kick off from following their own flawed and scientifically unsound advice. Thus, any real change, may be many decades off.

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2 thoughts on “The Modern Voodoo of Nutrition, Part I: Heart Healthy

  1. Seems like the studies and reports posted by the government are funded by industry which should raise the question to begin with.

  2. Darren

    So God intended us to eat chemically extracted oils instead of what he provided naturally (sarcasm flowing)? He must not have liked the people before the last century. BTW, I love the movie “Fat Head”. It’s really useful in getting the uninformed to understand.

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