NYC School Unveils Toxic All Vegetarian Diet

I like to call things as I see them, as the title above highlights.

New York (CNN) — Asked which school meals were their favorites, students at a public school in the New York borough of Queens don’t say chicken fingers or meatballs. Instead, they name rice and kidney beans, black bean quesadillas or tofu with Chinese noodles.

“Whoever thought they would hear a third-grader saying that they liked tofu and Chinese noodles?” asked Dennis Walcott, New York City schools chancellor.

Walcott was at the Active Learning Elementary School this week to celebrate its move to all-vegetarian meals five days a week. The school of nearly 400 students, from pre-kindergarten to third grade, was founded five years ago on the principle that a healthy lifestyle leads to strong academic achievement.

We decided on a vision where health and nutrition would be a part of educating the whole child,” school principal Bob Groff said.

Epic fail.

That’s what we need, more effeminate males. Made so by gobbling down estrogens from that toxic junk known as unfermented soy.

Oh, and it also states that ‘rice’ is a staple of many of these student’s home foods.

This is where I have a problem. Absolute rot like this being promoted as ‘healthy lifestyle’, when it’s the total and absolute opposite.

And what’s linked in the middle of this ridiculous article? You guessed it… ‘Study: Too much red meat may shorten lifespan’

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One thought on “NYC School Unveils Toxic All Vegetarian Diet

  1. I would argue that eating a green diet (a/k/a/ plant leaves, also loaded with protein) does not a sissy man make. I’ll put my vegan hubby against ANY man, any day! And he even does the dishes. Bonus.

    I don’t rule out any one diet over another, but a diet of plants DO avoid the unnecessary and systematic slaughter of other beings (the reason we do it). Humans are equipped to eat veggies, meat, or both, depending upon what our environment allows. We’ve been rather adaptable for hundreds of thousands of years that way. Not much has changed, save what we’re offered as food “not from nature.”

    As for the soy bean (and other legumes which are, toxic by definition), fermented is the only way to go. And since I don’t live anywhere near New York, I’ll continue packing my kids’ lunch kits to avoid perpetuating the meat-for-food industry (which every other school district relies on).

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