Wild Cookery 3.0. Hmm… More Upgrades, Part I

It’s been almost two years since I started this blog. Time for some upgrades and massive revamps.

“What IS ‘Wild Cookery!’ ?”

Years later, I still get this question quite a bit.

‘Wild Cookery!’ includes not only what most people immediately think of when they hear the term ‘wild’, usually imagining wild game, but also a large part of it is learning how to safely and effectively forage for wild plants and mushrooms as well.

It’s also not about 5 star fancy gourmet wild food dining, though after you’ve collected and prepared your own food from nature for a while, you may definitely feel like you’re dining in a top class establishment. Nature is typically superior when it comes to quality and flavor.

But you won’t typically find fancified pictures all dolled up for professional presentation.

You’ll see real pictures of real ‘Wild Cookery!’, made in REAL kitchens.

But ‘Wild Cookery!’ doesn’t stop there. It’s also about having the proper tools and skills to build a fire and cook upon it. As well as knowing as many ways as possible to start a fire, and to carry multiple means of starting a fire in your fire kit. After all the ‘Cookery’ part isn’t very useful without fire!

What ‘Wild Cookery!’ is typically not is a ‘How to’ manual when it comes to cleaning fish and game. There are a very large number of books (and videos) out of there by very experienced authors, who cover that topic quite well.

‘Wild Cookery!’ for me, has always been a labor of love. I’ve never made a single dime off of any of the articles I’ve written, or the small video series I made a few years back, or the instruction and advice that I’ve given to thousands of people. I’ve also taught people foraging one on one for years, but I largely do not do that anymore. I can no longer do it for free, and I can’t bring myself to actually charge people for what I consider basic life skills that their parents and/or grandparents SHOULD have taught them, as my father and great-uncle taught me.

This is not to bash folks who charge a little bit for a foraging class. It’s usually worth every penny. There are costs associated with teaching such, including their time and fuel to get to the foraging locations. It’s just not something I want to do. But I do salute those who are still willing to do so.

There are plenty of people who offer foraging classes, (some who even do it well), where you can learn all about wild plants and foraging in general, firsthand, from someone who knows what they are doing.

‘Wild Cookery!’ exists to be a supplement of, not a replacement for, one on one personalized, high-quality foraging instruction from a knowledgeable forager.
It is also handy for when there ARE no qualified local foragers in your area to train under. It’s certainly better than a poke in the eye, and currently, it’s FREE.

So, the compromise, is that I still teach for free, via articles, my forum, and this blog. I’ve also been looking into ways to help finance the site, at no additional cost to the readers and members. To that end, I’ve partnered with Amazon to be able to bring you an awesome assortment of Wild Cookery recommended items, all at no additional cost to you. You just go through the Wild Cookery Amazon store link, and buy whatever you’d normally buy on Amazon anyway, and the site here gets a very small percentage of that, at zero cost to you. It’s awesome.

More on that aspect in a later post.

When appropriate I will link you to other quality foraging blogs or forums. I’d also like to start featuring write ups from actual foragers. Real people in the foraging community who talk about whatever interests them. They may write an article once a week, once a month, or once a year. But they’ll be talking about what’s near and dear to their hearts, and from real actual experience, sharing with you some of the struggles and triumphs that they’ve encountered in learning how to forage.

More to come soon!

As always, I can be reached at Wildcookery@yahoo.com with your questions, comments, awesome wild recipes, and kittens.

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One thought on “Wild Cookery 3.0. Hmm… More Upgrades, Part I

  1. Look forward to it! We forage where we can but can learn so much more. This year will be the year of the shroom.

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