Another year, another beer.

That would be nice, actually. Mmm… beer…

Not very good for you, but damn if good beer isn’t an awesome thing.

Well, again, a very long time has lapsed since my last post on this blog.

I’d pretty much given it up for dead, with the lack of actual foraging that I’ve been doing, or rather, not doing, over the past year or so.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I’m no longer in my little green garden of foraging goodness, and local foraging areas are incredibly inaccessible to me at the moment.

And, my wife and my health have suffered quite a bit for it. She’s put on about 30 pounds and I’ve put on about 40 pounds.

I weighed myself the other day and I’m the heaviest I’ve ever weighted. Not the ‘fattest’, as I’ve put on some upper body muscle since that time, but the most actual weight I’ve ever been.

I’ve felt sluggish and tired.

The holiday season was brutally stressful, and having everyone bring over and offer every sweet thing imaginable didn’t help either.

But, enough of all of that.

Starting three days ago, we started to change our eating habits to me more in line with what they were years ago, when we lived in a greener and more forage-friendly place.

Finding a place to forage around here will be the challenge, but it needs to happen.

I’m also reading Mark Sisson’s ‘Primal Blueprint’, which I bought yesterday in kindle edition so I could start reading it immediately. Most of what he’s covering so far is stuff I already know, but haven’t put into best practice. I’m only on chapter 2 though so far, so we’ll see how it goes.

Seeing has how it’s been so long since I’ve posted or had an actual following of fellow foragers, I don’t expect anyone to really read and/or comment upon this, but it’s more as a cathartic for myself to type my thoughts down and be able to reread them at a later time for reflection and to track my own progress.

More to follow.



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One thought on “Another year, another beer.

  1. lillias

    Huzzah! Welcome back!

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