Half Year Check In

Lesson learned. Never, ever, trust the WordPress app for your phone.

Twice I typed out a big long post. Twice it ate it. I should have typed it into some kind of notepad app.

It showed something like several hundred words, then I hit publish, and it shows 0 words. Quality app.


The original post(s) were somewhat ranty, so I’ll try to be a wee bit less ranty in this third incarnation.

Long story short, still in hell. That’s Central Valley, CA for the rest of you lucky enough to not live here.

It’s dry, it’s hot, it’s full of idiots. I don’t know which is worse. 105 – 112 the past two weeks here.

It’s like living next to a forge or a kiln that is always on and is super-heating the air.

Foragables have pretty much been zero, as it’s super dry here at the moment.

What edibles I did find were minuscule. Tiny, itty bitty dandelions half the length of my pinkie finger. Taraxacum officinale has never looked so sad. ‘Tis a far cry from the 9” to foot long monsters that grow in my yard back home in Pennsylvania.

And what little precious wild food I found was growing on tainted, chem-agro polluted land. Can’t exactly feed that to the children, so that was a big no go.

Still looking to move up North. Little progress has been made on that front, and unless major changes are made across the board, it’s not going to happen.

I moved to CA to improve things financially, and have only gotten mired in an endless black pit, from which there seems to be little escape.

So, that’s the update. Life sucks, zero foraging here.

Post Scriptum: THIS is what a fucking dandelion should look like!


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3 thoughts on “Half Year Check In

  1. This is twice now the word press app has eaten my post. Fuck it.

  2. I often write in word and then copy and paste it…because I also had that happen. LOL Good to see you back. You may better remember me as The Wild Ramp….moved from WV to OR almost 4 years ago and am now a commercial food processor working with small local farms to capture their surplus and preserve by canning and dehydrating. (Can-Do Real Food)

  3. I do indeed remember ye. How have you been?

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