When is Trespassing Acceptable?

As a forager, I run into this concept and question quite often.

When is it acceptable to trespass on  someone’s private property in search of wild edible plants?

The answer, of course, is NEVER.

If it’s within arm’s reach of the road and you don’t actually have to walk ONTO the property, or if it’s fruit that is, say, hanging OVER a fence, and onto a public sidewalk, then that is different.

You may not however, EVER trespass on someone’s land without their permission, for any reason.

If they have signs up to the equivalent of ‘No Trespassing’, then even walking up to the door to ask permission is unacceptable, because they’ve made it known that your presence is not wanted, for any reason. If you really want to forage there, get the address off of their mailbox, and send them a handwritten letter asking kindly for permission. This will likely get you a positive response.

But apparently this rule doesn’t seem to apply to certain special classes of people doing other things.


There’s nothing in the world I hate more than being woken up by a loud and incessant knock on the door. Well, maybe a few other things I hate more. But not many. Like idiots who call me and show up as ‘Unknown caller’ on caller ID, never leave a message, and then call 50 times a day. And when you answer it, it’s an automated collection call for some jackass who had the phone number before you did, and there’s no way in the world to get the service to stop calling you, because you never get a real human on the other end.

But I digress…

So there I was, having the best sleep since… oh… months at least, as I haven’t been getting much rest lately with all the work and research that I’ve been doing in the evenings, since it’s typically the only quiet time I get during the day, and I’m jolted stark awake by some SOB banging on the front storm door so hard I thought it was about to come off it’s hinges.

So in the milliseconds after being so unceremoniously jolted awake, my mind goes through the inventory of who it could possibly be knocking on my door, on a Monday, in the early AM.

It has to be no one we know. Everyone we know, knows that the front door is closed for the winter, and to come to the side door. So it can’t be friends, or neighbors. That means it’s a stranger.

Well, thinks I, I’m expecting a book that I ordered, so it’s probably one of the delivery services with the box. Likely Fed Ex. UPS just leaves it without ever knocking and the mailman just puts it in the mailbox. I have a huge mailbox just for this purpose. Book orders and anything smaller than a German Shepard, fit in my mailbox just fine. But even the UPS and mailman guys have figured out to use the side door for deliveries.

So, having come to this conclusion that it was most likely just the book I ordered the other day, I closed my eyes again.




OMG, are you effin’ kidding me?

Someone’s house better be burning down for someone to be knocking on my door like this and not giving up.

Right about now, I’m pretty livid. The wife is not amused at being woken up either.

So, I crawl out of bed, throw some clothes on, and make my way out to the front door.

It only took about 45 seconds to go from my bed to the door, and they were gone.

There were, however fresh tire tracks in my driveway.

So… snow tracker time. I put on my coat and boots and went outside.

One vehicle, coming from the east, and traveling westward. Pulled into my driveway, only about halfway, and then stopped. Odd.
Two people exited the vehicle. The driver immediately walked over to my neighbor’s house, then walked back to the driver’s side of the vehicle. The passenger immediately walked from the vehicle to MY front door, knocked like it was going out of style. Twice, then immediately walked back to the vehicle.

My first thought at this point was someone selling something.

So I followed the tracks up to my front door. No package or anything else out of order, and nothing attached to the outside handle.
So then I opened the storm door, and on the INSIDE latch, there was a fresh rolled up copy of some Jehovah’s Witness literature. Yep. Someone selling something.

Why would these people be out early on a Monday? No one’s typically home.

Then my brain kicked in. It’s MLK Jr. Day. This explains why these idiots are out in the freezing cold on a MONDAY morning. They’re trying to get all the people who have the day off. And who obviously would be *thrilled* being woken up early on their day off to hear their JW spiel.
This isn’t ‘religious freedom’. It’s outright harassment. It’s also trespassing. Apparently that big sign I have in the window that says ‘No Solicitation’ will need to be altered. They either can’t read, don’t know what the word ‘solicitation’ means, or think it doesn’t apply to them, and their particular brand of unwanted harassment is somehow ‘protected’.

No, it isn’t.

But let me ask this. If Muslims, or any other religion other than a Christian, showed up on people’s front door, and left pamphlets with, say… Quran verses in them on people’s doorknobs, would people tolerate this crap for a minute?

Or would they crap gold kittens, and say they were being harassed, and demand to be left alone? Heck, they’d probably even try to author legislation that made it illegal to be ‘harassed’ by those groups.

But on a whole, we largely tolerate this crap even though we don’t like it. Why? Oh, because as my Catholic father once told me, they’re ‘Christians too’, and they’re just ‘spreading the word of the Lord, even if they are a bit annoying.’

People don’t dislike JWs (and Mormons) because of their beliefs. They dislike them because of their actions.

Because they show up at your doorstep, and try to shove their beliefs down your throat in your own home.

How this has ever been acceptable is beyond me. I find it intrusive and insulting.

You want me to read something unsolicited? Mail it to me. It’s got to be cheaper than going house to house. Especially with the price of gas.

If anyone wondered for even a moment why the general public’s tolerance of people who proclaim themselves to be ‘Christians’ is at an all time low, all you have to do is look at these groups who are actively working hard to give all Christians a bad name.

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Grab The Head and Yank!

Sometimes things just tickle my funny bone.


Things like this remind me that sometimes people take their own bullshit waaaay too seriously.

(Linked, *not* copied, directly from Yahoo. All rights reserved to original artist and holders.)

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WVM & Foraging Comment and Chat Section

I figured it would be much easier to comment here on one thread, than try to answer them separately.

So, if I have a lengthy response to someone, I’ll post it here, instead of on the individual thread. It’ll just be easier that way, as the formatting tools on the comment section are just about non-existant, whereas, I can do a much better job of it by just modifying this original post as much as I need to in order to add things to the discussion.

First up is a thought provoking comment by ‘gavinpandion’ that was shared on the WVM & F comment section here:

I can relate to your story, and I agree that many people will pretend to believe that the social safety nets would do an adequate job to meet your needs if you tried to access that kind of help just to blow you off with a lame excuse for why they can’t be bothered to offer you any personal assistance. The reality is that social safety nets are not adequate to meet the needs of the desperate, neither public assistance or charity can keep up with the need for assisted housing for instance to keep people from ending up on the street. So blaming the existence of social safety nets for the cruelty of people who pretend to care about you when you don’t ask them for anything isn’t quite right – but the culture of hypocrisy that we live in does reach all the way into the ranks of the social welfare liberals, and poisons even the staff of public welfare agencies so that social workers themselves engage in subtle victim-blaming behaviors whenever you try to indicate that the help they are offering would not do you any real good. It’s a big problem, but entrenched in our attitudes and behaviors so that we don’t even notice it until we ourselves are the ones in need. I don’t think eliminating social safety nets would do anything to solve it, but the current state of existing social safety nets is an abomination, and so is our society’s attitude toward the needy overall.

Re: Social safety nets are inadequate.

Taxpayer funded .gov Social Safety Nets should not rightly or lawfully exist in the first place. They are an unconstitutional abomination, to put it simply and bluntly. If you want to give to a charity, then that is fine. But forced charity at gunpoint is called highway robbery, not philanthropy.

It does not matter how you justify it. Taking money from one part of the public by force, and giving it to another part of the public, isn’t how a Constitutionally Limited Republic is supposed to operate. It’s theft. It’s Communism. We aren’t a ‘Democracy’, and we sure as heck aren’t (supposed to be) a socialist state. Even if you think it does some good, it still does not make it right.

Re: Blaming the existence of social safety nets

It’s not the existence of these nets that is the problem per-se, but how they were mishandled. There is no way to now ‘fix’ them. And the people on them who have been on them for years and years feel entitled to BE on them. There are families that have been on the dole for GENERATIONS. They literally know nothing else. Is that what this country was founded on? I don’t think so.

Re: Eliminating social safety nets wouldn’t solve the problem…

Well it actually WOULD solve the problem, but not in a way most are willing to accept. The people on it would either sink or swim. Learn or die. Most people don’t like to think that way, but it isn’t the govt’s job to feed people in need. It’s YOUR job. It’s MY job. It’s WE THE PEOPLE’s job.

Especially those who claim to be Christians. How someone can claim to be thus, and yet turn away their neighbor or family in need, is truly beyond me. The story of the ‘good’ Samaritan is one that has always stuck with me. (Luke 10:25-37) Here is a man set upon by thieves and left for dead. All his neighbors pass by him. It was a total stranger, the Samaritan, who bound his wounds, set him upon his own beast, took him to an Inn, and paid for his care. It wasn’t the local government. Remember that.

But regarding safety nets, are you more careful climbing a cliff when you have all kinds of safety harnesses and ropes on, and there is a catch net below you? Or are you more careful when you know that should you slip, it’s a long way down to those jagged rocks below? I used to freehand rock climb in my younger days, so I can tell you what my answer would be. 😉

Now, some don’t have a choice of where they are at based upon being TRULY handicapped, etc. But that’s a tiny fraction of those who DO have a choice, and who DO have the capacity to remove themselves from it. They simply CHOOSE not to, because it’s ‘too easy’ to stay on it, and too much work to do otherwise. Staying on the dole is incentivized, and those who make ‘too much’ money whilst trying to get off it are penalized. Thus ensuring that they don’t make enough to truly get off of it.

And, whether you want to believe it or not, that social safety net will be eliminated whether we want it to be or not. Whether it’s the imminent collapse of the fiat dollar or some political unrest ala Greece, something will cause it to fail. And WHEN, not IF, it does, millions of people are going to be in a very bad spot. Read: dead.

Because they have no idea how even to feed themselves. Isn’t that incredibly sad?

I’m doing this for a reason, and it’s not to piss on the little old grandmother who’s on govt assistance.

I’m an extremely busy fellow. And I don’t waste my time just to see my own words on the screen.

I’m doing it to educate and inform. And if that pisses a few people off, then so be it. They’ll either do something about it and learn something, or, more than likely, they’ll mumble into their beverage of choice what a prick I am, and go back to doing whatever it is they were doing before I dared bring it to their attention that not being able to feed themselves was likely going to get them killed one day.

This country is about to have a schism from hell.

I choose to be on the part of the folks who will come out of it alive, instead of fodder for the feral hordes that will ransack anything within range of one tank of gas because they were too lazy to educate themselves on something so simple as feeding their own family.

Mayhap ye don’t think that’s going to happen, or perhaps that it ‘can’t happen here’. The start of this is going on in Greece right now. Ye know… Greece, the ancient civilization where we get most of our art, sciences, and mathematics from. Yea… that place is reduced to a collapsing financial system that required the rest of the world to bail it out and it’s people, good, intelligent MODERN people, are rioting in the streets. Don’t see much of that on US news though. The nanny state has to shelter us poor children from the rest of the world after all.

Interestingly enough our ancestors didn’t’ have those touted ‘social safety nets’. And surprise, surprise, they survived just fine. After all, if they didn’t we would not even BE here, correct? I like to think my ancestors were fine upstanding people that helped others in need. I’d also like to think that yours were too.

And if we’d all get over ourselves and just help our neighbors when they’re in need, instead of thinking it’s the .govs damn job, they’d do the same for us.

So tell me why we need those social safety nets again? 😉

One last thing. For those who seem to suggest that we some how cannot provide for all those in need, and that we NEED the government to do it for us…

Mickey Mouse

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Welfare and the Victim Mentality, (and How it Relates to Foraging) Part IV

Yea, I know, I’m on a roll today. This is one of those subjects that just really, really, irks me. Mostly because it’s so misunderstood, and because of how EASY it is to remove ourselves from this cycle of dependence.

And learning about wild food is cake. If you made it through that hell known as public school, you can certainly make it through Foraging Basics 101. It’s a lot less stuffy and a lot more interesting. And hey, you get to eat the science projects. Win-win! 🙂

So why am I doing this? Am I an absolute angel who cares for and loves all of humanity (even the people I can’t stand) as my brothers and sisters? Hardly. I’m more like this:

Now, I’m a fairly nice guy, and I’ll help out those in true need. But mostly it’s so that you and yours don’t become a problem to me and mine. So in that way, I’m a bit of a ‘Yanker’. 😉

Because trust me when I tell you, that I don’t want to catch you in my kitchen at 4 AM raiding my cupboards looking for a can of Dinty Moore. This will be the least of what happens:

However, with the knowledge to provide for your own family, you won’t have to do something stupid like break into your neighbor’s house and try to steal their food because you were too short-sighted to learn how to gather your own.

Now, just imagine, for the briefest of moments, if everyone did this. We’d have zero problem, even in the worst of crises.

Honestly though, not everyone is going to do this. Not even 0.1% of 1/% are going to do this. I’d go so far to say that if there are 385 million Americans, that maybe, MAYBE, several hundred thousand people in the whole country have some kind of basic foraging skills. That is to say, they can recognize wild grapes, blackberries, wild strawberries, and the like.

Of that group, maybe tens of thousands have slightly more advanced foraging knowledge in that they’ve INTENTIONALLY gone out and foraged for things, and eaten such treats as dandelions, thistle, etc.

Going a bit further, there are maybe a few thousand people with what I’d consider pretty advanced foraging skills. They could survive through this with little real problem. Most of those folks that I’ve met in person hang out at the Green Deane forums.

They’re really top notch folks.

Going even further, there are maybe a few hundred people left alive in this country like me, that have been foraging for decades, and do it as a way of life, that can keep you and yours alive through pretty much anything. Most are older folks. I was blessed by having it introduced to me from an extremely young age by a father who was interested in it. Break down that several hundred into a per county basis, and you are honestly pretty screwed. The likelihood of there being someone like me in your particular county, is pretty slim.

And yet going even FURTHER, there are two, maybe three dozen people like Green Deane Jordan, Samuel Thayer, Dr. John Kallas, and ‘Wildman’ Steve Brill in the whole COUNTRY whose knowledge of foraging in many different areas is extremely extensive, and whom I would label the ‘teachers of the teachers’. They make me look like a ‘noob’. A rank novice. Most keep to themselves, and thus, their knowledge to themselves, and aren’t well known. Thankfully Samuel Thayer, Dr. John Kallas, and Steve Brill have written books, and Green Deane Jordan provides a free service to humanity by making his knowledge available to all who would learn it, free of charge, at his website, his forum, and on Youtube. (Hint, hint, go learn something.)

Now these numbers could be a bit off, and it’s just my own assumption. But the ratio is probably pretty on the ballpark.

The bottom line is that it costs nothing more than your time to learn something that will not only feed your family better food than what you are likely currently eating, but something that will likely save their lives as well.

I, and others, can teach you how to be FREE and INDEPENDENT. And isn’t that what mankind was born to be? JFK thought so in his famous speech.

JFK Free and Independent speech

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Welfare and the Victim Mentality, (and How it Relates to Foraging) Part III

Government aid is not intended to help you. It is not intended to get you by a hard spot in your life so that you may emerge stronger. It is there to put you into a lifelong entitlement mindset and ensure that you remain an active voting block, voting for those who are doling out the ‘Bread and Circuses’.

If any type of Government aid did what it was supposedly designed to do, then it would be WORKING, would it not? People would be on it for a short time, and then they’d be back on their feet and on their own. But that’s just not what happens, is it? Even in the best of financial times, there are still MILLIONS of Americans on the .gov dole. So.. is it working? I leave the answer up to you.

This is just beyond ridiculous.

We are so utterly disconnected from the natural world as a people, it’s downright scary.

Our ancestors conquered and then industrialized an entire continent, and yet WE, their descendents, who consider ourselves, smarter than they were, better educated, and at the pinnacle of evolution, cannot even feed ourselves.


Is that not risible? Is it not laughable? It has to be a joke, right? If only..

What other animal in nature cannot feed itself? What animal LACKS the incredibly basic skills and knowledge to find, acquire, hunt, fish, or otherwise locate it’s own food.

I can’t think of one.

That makes the modern American ‘consumer’ the most utterly useless animal on the planet. Whoa. Heavy stuff there.

But we don’t have to be like that. We CAN take our power back and learn how to make our families food-secure, even in the toughest of times, and even when all the food at the stores has run out and the shelves are so bare that even the food no one ever eats is gone.

This is the reason I wrote this series. It’s not to bash folks who are on welfare or food stamps.

It’s to let them know that there is a BETTER WAY.

We HAVE the capacity to not depend on anyone or anything for our very basic needs, just like any other animal out there in nature.

I can hear the feeble protestations now. “I just don’t have the time to learn that stuff.” (Cut out television and gaming, you’ll have plenty of time to spare.) Or… “It’s too difficult to learn that stuff. (No, really, it’s easy as pie. Have you ever tried? Probably not.) Or… “There are plants that not even an EXPERT can tell from a toxic one!” (Bullchips. If it couldn’t be told apart, and fairly easily, it wouldn’t be labeled as a separate species, now would it? I swear, folks’ll think up darn near anything to avoid getting their fingers a bit dirty and doing something that remotely resembles work.)

And, to top it off, most of this knowledge is usually available 100% free of charge. Now doesn’t that beat all.

Do you know that not ONE of my neighbors, many of whom are on food stamps, and have been for years, are interested in learning how to forage for themselves? Or how to hunt or fish? Not one.

I’ve offered countless times. It’s “Too much work”. Or “That’s for poor people… we’re just in a tough spot right now”. Or. “Well I would go hunting or fishing, but see, I have a bum leg/bad back/ulcerated sphincter/ruptured spleen/Lazyfeckitis.” Or, one that is perhaps my all time favorite: “Ick, is that a… WEED? People in 3rd world countries eat that kind of crap.”

A ‘weed’ to someone is nothing but something they are too culturally biased, stupid, and ignorant to know that it’s good for them and has been food for humankind since the dawn of time.

Dandelions, thistle, dock, plantain, chicory, sorrel, chickweed, purslane, burdock… these are all weeds to my neighbors. Things to exterminate and spray Monsanto’s ‘Roundup’ on. To me, these are dinner salads and supper potherbs. They also are exponentially more healthy for you than any conventionally grown product you’ll find in a store, as they typically have the 85 trace elements that your conventional produce often lacks, due to industrial soils being depleted for decades.

Never in the history of mankind have we been this dumbed down, this dulled, this absolutely incompetent that we not only CANNOT provide our own food for ourselves, but that we in fact have absolutely NO interest in finding out HOW to do so.

IF you refuse to learn how to feed yourself, and are not 100% totally handicapped for some reason or another…

And, IF you, upon having your food stamps cut off in some kind of emergency, would turn to violence against your fellow man in order to feed your family…

IF and ONLY if the above applies, then please do the rest of the planet a favor and cleanse the gene pool of your screwed up genes, and by all that is holy, do NOT reproduce.

Otherwise it’s time to chalk your hands, man/woman up and start pulling the rope.

It’s time to take your destiny into your own hands and rid our species of this ridiculous dependence on other entities in order to provide something so simple as a meal.

This is not uncompassionate. It is the true meaning of compassion. It takes the hard choices into account. It’s also what real liberty is about. It’s about allowing those who make their own idiot choices, the right to experience the fallout from their horrifyingly stupid actions until they either pull their stuff together, or die from their own incompetence.

I wish no one no ill will. And I’ll never harm anyone, unless they first try to harm me, my family, or my Tribe.

But by the same token, it’s not my, or your, responsibility to save the idiots who refuse to help pull the rope and save themselves.

If someone outright REFUSES to learn to feed themselves, I have no compassion for them. Zero, zip, nada.

They are typically kept just fed enough to be docile and complacent. Of course, the neurotoxins in the public water supply (fluoride and chloride) do help to progress that agenda.

Everyone thinks the world would end if the food stamps are cut off.

I see another outcome. One where people would ‘wake up’ from their stupors, and actually help each other. They’d have no other choice. Hunger would compel them to action. People are actually amazing critters, when put between a rock and a hard place.

I often wonder if people even LOOK at the stuff they eat, or even put in their mouth.

Has anyone seen the label on your tube of toothpaste? Here’s a pic I just took. (It’s not our toothpaste we use fluoride free stuff, some relatives visited not too long ago and left it. I keep it for illustrative purposes.)

I’ll type what it says just in case you can’t fully read it. It says: “Warnings: keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If more than is used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

Is that just ‘YUM’ or what?

And you are brushing your teeth with this? God help you

We CAN help people in need, just like our ancestors did. We don’t need .gov to do it for us, and until we figure this out, nothing will change for the better in that regard.

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Welfare and the Victim Mentality, (and How it Relates to Foraging) Part II

I know this concept can be unpopular, and I know it can be rough folks. Believe me, I’ve been there.

In the very early days of my unemployment 4 years ago, we reached out to our friends, family and neighbors, and even local churches for help.

The FIRST thing we were asked is, “Have you signed up for food stamps.?”

When we said we didn’t want to do that, almost EVERYONE rejected us out of hand. They said that if we wouldn’t sign up for food stamps, then they couldn’t help us. That, and I QUOTE, “It’s the government’s job to help people in need. I don’t have the cash to help you, I’m in a rough spot myself.”

All but two of our relatives refused to help us. Those that did helped us enough to barely eke by, but they did so hesitantly and resentfully.

My sister, who is the most religious of any in my family, and who also has the highest income, refused to help us outright, saying that we’d brought it upon ourselves by refusing to go on welfare.

We went to the local food banks and the local churches.

The food bank asked us if we’d applied for welfare. We said, no, we don’t want to depend on the .gov. They said it was the govt’s job to help people in need, and that if we refused to go on welfare they couldn’t help us. They told us that they were sorry, but it was their policy, and they had to refer everyone who came to them for help to the state to get on welfare. They outright refused to help us. We walked out of there with NOTHING. Not even a bag of groceries.

Then we went to my old family church. The local church I used to go to (Catholic) refused to help us, because, I kid you not, I married a woman who wasn’t Catholic. So, according to them, it was ok for us to suffer because we weren’t practicing Catholics and because my wife wasn’t Catholic. Even though my family had supported that church since 1908. They told us to get on welfare.

I haven’t been back to that church since. It has since been sold to a Black Baptist congregation. It’s now in better hands, I think.

And we wonder why there is a problem in America.

It’s OUR responsibility. Not the govt’s, not the churches, even though they SHOULD do something, most will not.

It’s OUR job to help those in need no matter how much or how little we have.

We still give to charity and help other people. Often it’s our last dollar, but we give it gladly. Because it’s OUR job. And somewhere out there, there is someone much less fortunate than we, that needs a bit of a hand.

Welfare and Food Stamps should immediately cease to exist. Charity needs to go back to where it’s always been. In the hearts and the minds of We the People.

Maybe then, we’d actually get somewhere.

Do you know who actually helped us? Our online family that our ‘real life’ friends and family do not consider to be ‘real friends’ because they are online. Some we’ve never even met before. That first year when it was the toughest for us, we got help from friends in the UK, Australia, Canada, Holland, all over the world.

And yet our own next door neighbors that I’ve known for 30 years were willing to let us starve.

Family isn’t who you are related to. Friends are not who you’ve known in person for decades. It’s who steps up to the plate to help a soul in need, because they know it’s THEIR job to help people who need a hand, and that one day, we’ll be there to help them, should they ever need it.

That is what family and friends are. Those other people, that I’d known for decades and whom I’m related to? They don’t exist anymore to us. We’ve cut the diseased tissue out of our lives so that it no longer affects us, and we are much happier for it.

Going forward the only way we’ll be able to survive as a People is if we make the HARD CHOICES, and say, “Hey Bob. I know you are my brother, but you are a liberal asshat, are willing to let my family starve to death, and are actively trying to take my freedoms and liberties away by the tyrants you insist on voting for. I’m sorry Bob, but you aren’t my family anymore. Have a nice life.”

It’s hard. It’s brutal even. But unless we can cut those who would harm us out of the loop, or those who are indifferent to us being harmed, nothing will ever change. Do you have the courage to step forward and do what it takes to forge a REAL family? One that will stick with you through Hell itself, if need be? For the sake of your family, I certainly hope so.

As I say, there is ALWAYS a choice. And the choice, as always, is yours.

All the best,


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Welfare and the Victim Mentality, (and How it Relates to Foraging)

What does this have to do with Wild Cookery, ye may ask? EVERYTHING.

It’s because I REFUSED to be on the government dole, that I polished off my foraging skills, and really got damn good at it. 4 years later, I’m healthier and better fed than ANY of my neighbors, most of whom are on food stamps, I might add. With slight exception they are overweight and unhealthy and on a vast array of medications. And a lot of it directly stems from the rot they eat.

I was reading a very thought provoking post yesterday from a new blog that I’m following, and my commentary was far too big to post as a comment, so here it is.

There have been a bevy of misperceptions and knee-jerk reactions on the original thread here:

Some of which quite unkind to the author.

No one is spewing ‘typical Christian venom’, and no one is ‘blaming the victim.’

But it does seem that a few folks have a victim mentality.

If one is a victim, then someone else has to be doing something TO you.

So, I ask in all honesty, who is doing something to you? How are you a ‘victim’? How is anyone on food stamps a ‘victim’? What are they a ‘victim’ of? Are they victim of a rotten economy? And if so, and if they are the victim, who is the perpetrator? You could say market trends, or you could even go so far as to say global government. But if government IS the problem, how is more government the solution?

You see, it becomes quite a murky mire when you actually try to look at cause and effect instead of just donning an ‘I’m a victim’ mentality, and thinking the world owes ye something.

I read once that you can’t give offense, only take it. Some folks seem to have taken mighty offense.

Usually that’s a pretty good sign that something has hit pretty close to home.

It also happens when someone feels the need to trot out justifications for themselves or someone close to them.

Typical are “It’s not their fault.” etc.

It’s all about choices. Everyone has a choice. Everyone.

Oft times those choices are there right in front of our eyes, but we simply do not see them. More oft we simply to not have the courage it takes to grasp them. Because doing so would cause a bit of uncomfortableness and/or inconvenience for us.

Let me tell you, when I’m in the line in the store, counting my dollars and change to get my family through the month, and there is the stereotypical fat welfare Queen in front of me, with her half dozen fat kids, and TWO BUGGIES full of food, and here I am with my dozen or so items… yea, it irks me a bit.

But I push beyond it. I don’t envy them the two buggies full of toxic prepackaged crap that masquerades as ‘food’ in this country. There’s a reason she and her kids are so fat, and it’s not from just eating too much. It’s from eating too much of the wrong things. (And it’s also interesting that I never see a father figure with these kinds of folks, but that’s another ball of wax entirely…)

In my buggy you’ll see milk, eggs, brown sugar, flour, real oatmeal, vegetables, fruit, and if it’s a good month, maybe a little yogurt or cheese as a ‘treat’.

I cook 3 meals a day. I also forage additional food when in season from nature, and freeze it to have over the winter when it is not available. I pre-plan meals. MONTHS in advance.

Can most people even conceive that? Do most people even have more than 3-4 days of food in their pantries? Not typically.

Sometimes we need to go through a bit of hardship to get our creative juices flowing.

I like to cut up fresh apples to put in my morning oatmeal. I ran out of fresh apples yesterday, and being the end of the month, I can’t just go to the store and get another bag. I won’t be able to do that until next week. Hard to imagine in our instant-gratification world, but it is what it is. I’m also out of fresh quince. Which I also cube up and put up in my oatmeal, along with fresh pear. The dratted deer and squirrels got most of those. So, I needed to get creative to find something to put in our morning oatmeal. I had some fresh carrots, so I finely shredded some of those and stirred them in.

The result was AMAZING. I mean, seriously good. And I’d never have discovered that, if I hadn’t experienced the ‘hardship’ of running out of fruit, and had been forced to get creative.

These are how breakthroughs are made in course of human history. By people who have gone through hardships and triumphed.

Hardship isn’t a bad thing. It’s not something to be frowned upon. It’s a GIFT, where you can develop your critical thinking and creative skills, and come out of the other side of it a better man or woman.

Think about that the next time anyone thinks they’re a ‘victim’ of anything.

Challenge is something that we need to grow as an individual. It’s what makes us push our own limitations and become something better.

So, which pattern would you rather fall into? The one that sees you growing and accomplishing amazing things that most other people can only dream of? Or would you rather be one of those folks complaining that your food stamps didn’t go up as a cost of living increase this year, and complain about ‘how hard’ it is to survive in this economy?

The choice, as always, is yours.

My family THRIVES on a $40 a month per food budget. Yes, I said MONTH. Chew on that awhile.

Whenever you are truly interested in how to accomplish something like that yourself, let me know.

I’ll be more than happy to teach you, free of charge. It’s funny though… I’ve been offering to teach this to folks for years, and I can count all the people that have been truly interested on one hand. The rest just need something to complain about. They aren’t really interested in moving forward or becoming self-sufficient.

Take your destiny out of the hands of the .gov and some asshole bureaucrats that couldn’t care one whit whether your family is healthy or not.

Be a rebel.Eat the weeds!

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Happy Eostre!

It’s originally a Germanic Pagan holiday celebrating fertility.

Only Christians can take a holiday with roots in sex and make it about a Jewish Zombie. 😉

For more info on the origins of ‘Easter’, click here:

So, however you celebrate it, with sex or prayers, Happy Eostre/Easter! 🙂

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