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Forage! Episode III: Proper Identification

Ever wonder what happens to all those cavalier folks who think that nature is just another harmless and safe grocery store?

Forage 3 Proper Identification

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Forage! Special Edition: Green Bean’s Garden

This Special Edition of the Forage! comic strip is in honor of someone who’s given back tremendously to the foraging community through his tireless work, incredible foraging videos, and hands on effort.

Through his passion for many of our favorite hobby, he has taught and touched many people’s lives. Some through his foraging classes, which he still offers, and some through his incredible videos.

To that end let the roasting… err… the honorary cameo in Foraging! begin! 🙂

Green Bean
And in case you’re quite new to foraging and don’t know who we’re talking about here, he can be found at

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Forage! Episode II: Latin Love

Forage! Episode II: Latin Love is now live! 🙂

Forage 2 Latin Love

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Forage! Episode I

As a bit of a spinoff from my other comic strip, but with the intent of being a standalone project, I am pleased to announce the first episode of Forage!

Forage! uses the same cutting edge graphics and stunning artwork as ‘The World According to Bob’.

And yes, that’s ‘Forage!’ with an intentional exclamation point, carrying on in the tradition of Wild Cookery! 😀

The comic strip will cover non-political topics, focusing primarily on, you guessed it… foraging.

And also on the plethora of misconceptions and misperceptions that people have regarding foraging in general.

It covers the daily adventures of one Frank the Forager, and his well meaning (and as of yet unnamed) neighbor.

So without further ado, here’s the first episode. (You may click on the image below for a larger version.)

Forage 1

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Twelve Days of Christmas

Twelve Days of Christmas

Dear True Love

Thank You very much for the wonderful gifts over the past twelve days.

The Drummers and Pipers were a nice touch. I do so love pipes and drums.

Their excellent performance was recorded here:

The Lords a Leaping and Ladies Dancing were nice, but wholly unnecessary.Though they did put on one heck of a show:

The next time a nice set of warm flannel sheets will do nicely and we can do our own leaping and dancing, if you get my drift.

The Maids a Milking were a very nice touch. I turned them into ‘Maids a Churning’, however and we now have several pounds of fresh butter to last us through the winter. Thank You!

The Swans tried to be a swimming, but the frozen ice on the pond prevented this. They are now Seven Swans a Smoking. In the smokehouse that is. I can smell the aroma from here. Divine. The down will also make a nice pillow stuffing.

The Six Geese a Laying are doing well, and still laying at least an egg a day. No golden eggs yet, but I remain hopeful. But as long as they continue to provide breakfast fodder in the form of delicious eggs, they won’t join the Seven Swans a Smoking.

Five Golden Rings? Seriously? Five ounces of silver would have sufficed my love. But thankfully they are just simple bands and we can trade them in for more barterable material. At nearly $1700/ounce spot price, I’m not even going to ask where or how you got them. But many thanks nonetheless!

Four Colly Birds… You do realize my love, that it’s Four and TWENTY blackbirds to bake a pie, yes? I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but if you could find another twenty of these guys we can try out that recipe…

Three French Hens. I LOVE chickens! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! They’re so cute with their beards and muffs and extra toes! And the eggs are just as delicious.

Two Turtle Doves. Ah, the bird of true love. Be sure to arrive early tonight, as these are already in the roaster and they won’t take very long to cook. They’ll be served over a tasty rice pilaf and accompanied by a nice white wine.

The Partridge in the Pear Tree was a nice touch. Except that it started eating the pears. Suffice to say it’s now in the freezer and will be served at a future time with a delightful pear stuffing. Perhaps on New Years.

Thank you, my wonderful True Love, for all that you do, and all that you are.

Merry Christmas! Boldog Karácsonyt!

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