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Eat the Weeds videos now available on DVD!

After a long struggle and many hurdles, the world’s most watched foraging videos are now available on DVD!

As many of you know, these videos are put together by my friend, and mentor, ‘Green’ Deane Jordan of


Current pricing is very affordable at $1 per episode, with 15 episodes per DVD, shipping included. You can’t beat that deal with a stick!

The DVDs can be acquired here:

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Forage! Special Edition: Green Bean’s Garden

This Special Edition of the Forage! comic strip is in honor of someone who’s given back tremendously to the foraging community through his tireless work, incredible foraging videos, and hands on effort.

Through his passion for many of our favorite hobby, he has taught and touched many people’s lives. Some through his foraging classes, which he still offers, and some through his incredible videos.

To that end let the roasting… err… the honorary cameo in Foraging! begin! 🙂

Green Bean
And in case you’re quite new to foraging and don’t know who we’re talking about here, he can be found at

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

InkPaperPen was kind enough to nominate this blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Thank You! That was very kind. And what great timing! 😀

However, as the saying goes, the devil is in the details.

I very much appreciate the nomination, but I don’t think I’m going to go beyond that in the process. I’m not exactly one for following made up so called ‘rules’, especially when it includes very obvious data-mining. Not that this was the intention of the nice folks who nominate other folks. But it is what it is. It asks you for 7 personal things about yourself, in order to follow the ‘rules’ of the award, and then it asks you to nominate 15 other people to do the exact same thing.

I don’t have 15 other blogs that I follow, which I think are ‘very inspiring’, and if I did, I would just send them a little ‘thank you’ note, and not because I ‘have’ to nominate them for an award in order to ‘claim’ my own.

I mean really… what logical sense does that make? In order to claim an award you’ve got to nominate a dozen plus three other people for the same award?

That doesn’t sound like merit to me, more like a bunch of back slapping and circle jerking.

Have you ever gotten those emails that ask you a dozen things about yourself and then to forward it on to all your friends and have THEM answer the questions and then forward it on to all of THEIR friends so everyone gets to ‘know each other’ a little bit more? It’s all bollocks folks. It’s out and out datamining, pure and simple. Except for the fact that you are doing all the work for the folks who are datamining. It also conditions you that it’s OK to give out personal information to complete random strangers, as that’s who’s going to eventually be reading your personal information a few chains down the line. But all of this is perfectly normal for the Facebook and Myspace generation who thinks it’s completely normal to update total strangers on what you are doing every moment of every day, including tweeting when you are going to the can! 😛

As they said in the ’90s. “Homey don’t play dat.”

But let me clarify. I do think the intent of the individual who nominated me was pure, and thus I feel honored that this blog was considered to be ‘very inspiring’ in some way.

I do hope that in the past year, I’ve inspired and enabled a few people to realize that they have choices when it comes to their food and that they don’t have to be dependent upon a commercialized and oft nutrient deprived food system for nourishment for themselves and their families.

So, to wrap this up, I’m thankful and honored for the nomination of the ‘Very Inspring Blogger’ award but due to the reasons stated above, and my refusal to propagate data mining on other innocent bloggers, I’ll have to decline.

But just for the fun of it here are seven facts about myself, which are probably already public knowledge, as I’ve been on the net a long darn time.

1.) I run a blog called Wild Cookery!
2.) Green Deane Jordan runs my favorite foraging site, forum, and Youtube channel.
3.) I get most of my food from nature and not the supermarket. I forage in the spring and summer and fall, and store foragables for use over the winter. I only buy oatmeal and rice and potatoes commercially.
4.) I love dandelions. They are the perfect foraging food in that all parts of the plant from the flowers to the root are edible year round. Remember this, it may save your life.
5.) It’s snowing here today. Again. I’m beyond sick and tired of snow. And the nigh-endless cold. FUCK WINTER!!!!!! (How’s that for honest?)
6.) Due to a very warm week in January, my Blue Flag Irises started to shoot up about six inches and are now getting frozen from all the cold and snow. Not cool. Not cool at all. (Pun not intended.)
7.) I loathe datamining and all other privacy invasion attempts such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. Along with all of the fake bloggy ‘awards’ out there that seek to datamine you and dozens of your friends just so you can display their shiny little ‘award’ that you probably didn’t even earn. You were nominated so THEY could claim THEIR award. Otherwise, they’d probably not even bothered to send you so much as a ‘thank you’ for your efforts.

Sorry, not trying to be snarky here, and I don’t want it to seem like I’m shazzing on wonderful people’s good intentions. I just REALLY don’t like datamining. It’s a total invasion of privacy, and it’s a tool to train you to happily give your rights and privacy away to total strangers. But I’ve found from years of internettting, that what they can’t take from someone at a point of a gun, they’ll gladly give away for a shiny little digital ‘award’. People just love their little digital ‘achievements’.

Ding! Level up! 😛

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Ye Old Wild Cookery Videos

I logged in my email today to find two dozen messages in my inbox, in addition to various follows and ‘likes’ on my mostly non-used and defunct Youtube channel.

In regards to the Wild Cookery videos…

Sorry folks, there likely won’t be any more of those. I won’t say ‘never’, but definitely not anytime soon or in the next few years.

When I made that video, and the others over a year ago now, it was just to help out a few  friends who were new to foraging, as I had some requests that I figured could best be served by just making a video.

By the time I’d gotten to the 4th video, I’d gotten a bit better at putting them together, but then my main computer’s hard drive took a dive, and obliterated all the data that I had in progress of the 5th Wild Cookery video. It was about 75% complete and was hands-down the best of them. I had backups of the original 4 vids, but not the one in progress as it was still being made in Sony Vega. With the crash I also lost all of the pictures and footage that I had for the video in addition to my copy of the editing software, which is a several hundred dollar program, so that put a bit of a damper on things. I can’t replace it right now, and I’m not going to fiddle with some inferior ‘free’ video processing software. I simply don’t have the patience right now to re-learn an entire video editing program from the ground up just to get it to do a few simple things.

Hence, I kind of lost all motivation to do any further videos. I’d have to start from absolute scratch, and I just don’t have the desire to do that at the moment. And quite honestly, I doubt if I’ll ever have that desire again.

The original purpose of the videos was met in spades. Anyone else who benefits from them beyond that, is just a bonus.

I never intended to be a ‘foraging personality’. I don’t plan on being the next Sam Thayer, or John Kallas, or Steve Brill, and I’m certainly not the next Green Deane. I’m not going to write a book on foraging, ever, and other than making a few random posts here and there to the Eat The Weed Forums and my Wild Cookery Blog  I don’t anticipate doing anything more in the realm of foraging for public consumption.

My Youtube channel is NOT monitored, and in fact, I had to think about it a while to even remember my password for it. If you comment there or follow it, I probably won’t see it and get back to you anytime, oh… ever.

If you want more videos, then Green Deane’s Youtube channel is simply the best there is. You can also visit the parent site, Eat The Weeds. There you will find fantastic articles on plants as well as over 1000 archived articles for your casual perusal and continued foraging pleasure and information.

They are well done and very professional.

As of this writing, he has 138 videos. That ought to keep anyone busy for a good long time in regards to learning about foraging! 😀

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Foraging Duo

I posted this earlier today in response to a post on the topic of ‘Foraging Tools’ on the Green Deane Forum.

When foraging I always carry what I call my ‘foraging duo’.

I carry a bunch of different stuff, but the two things on me no matter what, are my two pocket knives.

foraging duo

This is a Victorinox Officer Suisse swiss army knife, along with a Benchmade tanto-pointed combat folder. The swiss army knife applications are obvious, but I like my Benchmade folder for it’s ruggedness and utility. I’ve put that knife through hell for a dozen years or so now and it’s barely dulled the blade. I’ve never sharpened it either. I haven’t needed to. Thus, I keep it less than super sharp, but if I ever needed to actually sharpen it, my Victorinox comes with a mini steel in the sheathe that I could use to sharpen it up if I had to clean an animal for survival.

It’ll make short work of anything from rabbit size to idiot size.

Also, not shown, is a full tang, paracord wrapped, fixed tanto bladed full size combat knife. I usually keep this on my belt for extra protection from feral animals, of both the two and four legged varieties. It’s a made in China cheapy, and the sheathe and paracord are olive, so it makes it look just like a typical hunting/survival style knife. I think I paid $15 for it, but it’s sharp as heck, and if I lose it I wouldn’t cry over it. If I ever need the paracord, I can unwrap the handle and still have a full size usable knife. I can also use the mini-saw on my Officer Suisse Victorinox to cut a sturdy length of wood, and slot the full sized knife via it’s tang into the wood. Then, use the paracord to tightly wrap and secure it. The result is a spear/polearm. If you need to make that a permanent arrangement you can get sinew once you’ve killed something and replace the paracord with it and reclaim the paracord.

When I bought the knives the prices were:

Benchmade Tanto Folder: $135

Victorinox Officer Suisse $40

Chinese Tanto $15

That’s just what I paid for it. I’m sure you could find lower prices these days on the first two.

But everyone should have a GOOD quality knife, like a Benchmade, or another quality brand. It’ll last you a lifetime of real actual use, and assuming you don’t lose it, will be a one time investment that you can pass on to your great grandchildren.

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Wintertime = Very Little Wild Cookery!


The first snow has laced the ground a few days ago with it’s silvery veil. Dusting the forest floor in a sheet of white. The plants are all covered in snow and the temperature has dropped low enough that most of the greens have been storing their energy in their roots now and pumping alcohols instead of sugars into their leaves in an attempt to survive the cold.

It’s melted now. But it shall return.

What greens exist now are scraggly little things. Barely clinging on since the turn of the seasons.

Gone are the tall dandelions, dock, thistle, plantain, and abundant wild garlic greens.

Those won’t be back until late March or early April.

Now enters my least favorite time of year.

Foraging is pretty much nil, and we rely on the supplies that we stocked up during the warmer and more fruitful months.

Unfortunately this year’s winter storage of wild food has been nearly a complete bust, for reasons earlier this year that readers are aware of, and which do not need to be repeated here.

Which means that we’ll be forced to rely on more store bought goods than we usually would.

Which also means that our normally much more ‘wild’ diets will begin to suffer a bit, as we’ll only have a limited amount of wild foods on hand and will have to ration them out through the winter.

Oh, we’ll have plenty of food. No worries there. It’s just what KIND of food it will be.

Usually half way through winter I’m so hungry for spring greens that I practically pounce on the first dandelions when I see them poking up in early spring, and tend to nab a few when they’re only a few inches long. Same with wild garlic. But what tends to come up first is the garlic mustard and the bitter cress, which I definitely will be looking for and forward too this coming spring, as I’ll definitely need the wild nutrients after a winter of modern so called ‘food’.

I’ve never looked forward to a spring, the way I look forward to this coming spring in 2013.

The weather has warmed up a bit, and will continue to do so the next few days, or so the weatherman says. One last ‘hurrah’ of 50’s before we plummet full on into winter and get ready for 3 months of freezing hell.

I found some Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) at the edge of my garage still hanging on. It’ll overwinter just fine. Then, in the spring, I’ll let it get a bit bigger before I eat it to ensure it doesn’t take over my phlox and irises. 😉

Garlic Mustard

Oh well, I’ll have a quarter of a year or more to remember why I hate the cold so much. 😛

Which reminds me. Now is the perfect season to learn about foraging, where you’ll have all winter long to read over things and learn them, and when the first snows melt,  you’ll be able to jump in with both feet and go find some wild goodies! 🙂

You can start here:

Also there is a Youtube channel that ‘Green’ Deane Jordan has with over 130 videos.

And there is also a forum available for you to get to know other foragers, ask a few questions, and make a few fine foraging friends! 🙂

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REAL Mint Tea

I’m reposting something I put up at a foraging forum I post to, at my wife’s insistance that folks have to try this. 😉

On my walk today, I scored some mint that was growing next to a small creek. I have no idea what kind it was, nor do I really care, to be honest. I probably should, but I don’t. How’s that for honest? 😉 It’s some kind of Mentha. I’m about as likely to mistake it for something else as you are to mistake an orange or a banana for a zucchini. Mint is mint. All true Mentha anyway, and all of them are potential teas.

I’m the guy that learned all of my plants growing up as the common names, and who has had to insert latin names in my adulthood. So, effectively, I’m learning everything I already know, all over again. Oh the fun.

It’s the same kind of mint that’s been growing there for 30 years, and the same kind of mint that’s in my garden. But the bonus to this was I didn’t have to mess with or cull any of my own plants to get this mint.

Now, tonight I did something I’d never done before. I picked a few sprigs of it and steeped it FRESH in hot water. Not boiling, but hot water for about 10 minutes with a lid on. (I just put a cutting board over the cup.)

The result was amazing. Now I’ve had mint tea before, many, many times. All kinds and brands, and even mint tea from dried mint leaves. Some are good, some are OK, and some are pretty tasty.

But I’d never steeped the herb fresh before, believe it or not.

And let me tell you… it was like angels parted the clouds and started singing the praises of Mentha. It was so good, I don’t even have words for how good it was. Yea. It was that good.

Try it yourself and see!

Also, whilst ye are at it, how about learning something about wild plants?
Go to ‘Green’ Deane Jordan’s forum, Eat The Weeds:

And don’t let the word ‘Green’ in front of his name throw ye off. He’s not a liberal fluffybunny. He’s really and honestly and truly ‘Green’, as in actually sustainable, and is NOT a fan of the ‘green agenda’ horsepucky.

I consider him a good friend, even though we’ve never met in person, as he lives in FL, and I live in PA. (Ah, the wonder and power of the internet, where we can meet quality folks the world over!)

I’ve learned a lot from this guy, and you can too.

I’m a Sr. Member on that forum, and post as “Janos”. If you have an interest in edible wild plants, come give us a visit and say hello.

You can also take a look at his youtube channel. Last I checked he has something like 136 videos on edible plants and other awesome stuff.

Also be sure to visit his main site,where he has over 1000 plant profiles for your perusal.

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