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Farewell to the Green Deane forum

Posted here, in case the original is deleted over at GDF, my friends can still see why I left.


I’m going to just cut through the mustard and lay it all out.

This has been coming for a while now, but this topic brought it to a head.

Let’s talk about another one of my pet hates: hypocrites.

We have ’em in spades.

In the past few months, I have seen a few people, and one member in particular, treated like vile filth by the majority of the rest of the board, and even at times by Deane.

They’ve been openly mocked, ridiculed, derided, and essentially told that their content ‘doesn’t belong here’ or is somehow inferior.

This is absolutely unacceptable.

Often calls are made to ‘get rid of’ these members. If it doesn’t fit a certain narrow window, then their contributions are mocked and they are somehow not worthy of being a member here.

But let’s just call it what it is. Bullying.

This is not the ‘tough love’ that I’ve been trying to explain to some of you who have been thick as bricks on the subject. Tough love is done because you care and don’t want to see the individual come to harm. Bullying is done because deriding an individual or their contributions somehow makes YOU feel better.

But wait, you may say, no one’s been directly bullied here. We’re such sweet angels. We rarely, if ever, say anything nasty to anyone.

It’s still bullying, no matter how you dress it up. In all honesty, it’s exponentially worse than a direct insult. A direct insult you can actually face and deal with. The subtle, sly, intellectual kind of bullying can really eat at an individual. Until their self-worth is depleted enough that they either slink off and don’t come back, or they just read and not post because they’re afraid of being jumped on when they do.

And no, you aren’t outright calling anyone an idiot. You’re going a few steps worse. You’re TREATING them like an idiot, in front of the ‘whole class’. It’s self-righteous and subtle, which makes it even more dangerous.

So all this BS talk about being ‘sensitive’? Riiggghht. BS troll is still BSing… Because you’re still treating someone poorly and claiming to be angels.

And all the while you can claim that you’ve not been doing anything wrong. Tee-hee. Oh, so clever you. And as long as no one has anything direct or concrete to call you out on, you’re walking the high road, right?

The whole thing sickens me.

Yes, I’m also talking about how some of you and even our host (Yes, YOU, Deane) have treated our pal Swampy here. Some of you have been at odds with him since that one thread months back, and so everything he posts is read by you negatively before you even read the content.

And some people whom I’ve formerly considered friends here have been outright vile to me just because I’ve stuck up for the guy and not let them run roughshod over him. So be it.
I can no longer continue to ignore these things which ultimately go against my core values.

So, it’s time to say adieu.

It’s been mostly fun, but has certainly been a wild ride. (Pun intended.)

Deane: Thank you for all the videos you’ve authored and all the people you have helped by publishing them. I’ve learned a lot from you, and filled in some blanks in my foraging knowledge.

To the rest of the ACTIVE foraging forum: I’ve learned more from YOU collectively, than I did from one man or his videos, no matter how awesome they may be. YOU are the true treasure here. I think he perhaps forgets that from time to time, and acts accordingly.

Mike: Please put my account in read-only mode. If that’s not possible, then you may outright delete me. I’m done posting here. But be aware that if you do, every post I ever made will quite likely vanish depending on the forum settings. And that’ll be a lot of forum content gone forever.

Heather & Deane: Don’t even try this. Leave it to the professional IT guy. You can permanently and irrevocably obliterate a large part of the forum if you click the wrong thing when doing this on a member account that’s been here so long and who has thousands of posts into the forum.

To everyone: As always, I may be reached at

There is much more that could be said, but I’d rather leave on a somewhat pleasant note.

Farewell friends. May you tread wild paths seldom trod, and pick only the tastiest morsels.

All the best,


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The World According to Bob, Episode 2: Hmm… Upgrades

Rejoice, for there is now more Bob! 🙂

The World According to Bob 2

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The World According to Bob

I’d like to introduce my new comic strip, “The World According to Bob.” It will cover the perspectives and adventures of one ‘Robert Joe American’, known as simply ‘Bob’ to his friends.

The World According to Bob 1

This comic may be freely distributed, provided that it is unaltered, and the copyright is clearly visible. Also, a link back to this site would be most appreciated. 😀

Post Scriptum: Sugar hasn’t actually been banned. Yet.

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Tales of Days Long Past

I hear people speak all the time of what a great nation this is. I suppose, when you look at things from a certain point of view, it is. But by comparison only, for it no longer stands on it’s own two feet or merit. It is only by comparing it to how horrible some other nations are, that it gets any credence at all.

Sure, I can still write this without being drug down to the local gulag. For the moment at least. But even that is fast changing.

But what amuses me the most are people who insist that things are ‘so great’, and if one doesn’t like it then to leave.

Is that how one deals with problems in the country of one’s birth? Leave and abandon all hope of ever fixing it? And if one were to leave, where would one go? This isn’t the age of Firefly where we have freighter ships available to take us to other solar systems to colonize. If it was, I’d have been gone a long time ago. Great planet, horrible people. Get me off this rock, and let me find a place where other people have gone who still know what the concepts of liberty mean.

Most of that is lost on us here.

But what about this nation is so ‘great’? Can anyone honestly say that the economy is flourishing? Or are we at a point rivaling the Great Depression? That the school system is fantastic and turns out strong and able minded youth? Or does it churn out people who can barely read? That our medical system takes care of our old people and honored veterans? Or is it the laughingstock of the civilized world. That our political system is the best there is, where we can elect those people we believe in without fear of endless corruption? Or does the vote fraud run so deep that even the companies that own the electronic voting machines have been caught changing votes red handed?

No, we aren’t a great nation. We WERE a great nation.

We’re clinging to a corpse.

It’s like the jaded old man who was once a great adventurer, but who knows that all of his best adventures are behind him, not in front of him. So we sit there at the bar, half drunk by noon, rattling off all of our nation’s great accomplishments and achievements. But none were done in most of our lifetimes. Most of it none of us even had a hand in, with slight exception. And even if we did, it’s all past honor and glory.

And like that sad old man, all of the best achievements were in the past, and we have nothing to look forward to but tales of days long past.

And like that sad old man, we sit, not quite content, but satisfied enough with our lot to keep sitting there at the bar and telling our tales of days gone by, instead of straightening our aging spines, setting our jaws with firm resolve, and grabbing the upcoming snot-nosed generation by the shorthairs and making these people pay attention so that they don’t repeat the mistakes of the past and guide us into an even greater spiral of tyranny and despotism.

But, that’s my philosophical musings for the day. I suppose I’m a bit like that jaded old man as well.

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We’ve Come To The End Of Cake

This hits the nail on the head so hard, it screamed and sparked going in. (And maybe whimpered a bit along the way.) 😉

Rarely does a published writer have the guts to actually lay it out on the line. I highly respect that.


Yesterday I found myself listening to one side of a conversation with someone who wants to vote in a way that will assure she can retire at fifty with her pension because she was promised, and 10% has been taken out of her paycheck her entire working life.

Well, yeah.  And I want a pony and a magic unicorn.

The money isn’t there.  The state in question is stone cold broke.  We can argue till the cows come home about where the money went or if it was a good idea.  Most of it went up some government’s hole and got lost in the gigantic game of bureaucratic pass-around.  What it got nominally used for is irrelevant.  As is whose fault it is.

The money isn’t there.  And part of the reason it isn’t there is that all these programs, union or not, private or public depended on one thing: More people.  In the early twentieth century, everyone knew that every generation would be bigger than the last.   It is baked in all the sf books, even Heinlein’s.

Except we made it hard to have and raise children.  And it didn’t happen.

The multitudes that were supposed to keep us safe and warm in retirement aren’t there.  (This also has an adverse effect on investment but that’s something else again.)  The money we paid in was spent on the current generation of older people.


Read the full article here. it’s an awesome read:

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Feds Lie, People Die in Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Feds Lie, People Die in Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Hurricane Sandy is another reminder of just how incredibly fragile the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted on a daily basis really is. Many of the hardest hit areas along the Jersey shore and the coast of Long Island have descended into a state of anarchy.

Now, who here is sorry they have more than 3 days food on hand after witnessing the events of Hurricane Sandy? 😉

I know I’ve said it before, but I bet some folks in NYC and NJ were wishing they knew how to Eat the Weeds right now and knew some Wild Cookery!

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Tulsa, the City of Government Ninnies

Another article, this time from in regards to Denise vs the City of Tulsa, OK.

These governmental types still haven’t figured out how all of this backfires on them time, and time, and time again.

As much as I hate to say it, all of this may have been a good thing. Thousands of people worldwide are now tuned into this, and Denise will be meeting wonderful people WORLDWIDE who support her in her endeavors. Thanks big government! 🙂 😛

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Petty Tyrants in MO try to obliterate yet another fully lawful front yard garden.

(NaturalNews) The city of Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, is trying to intimidate local resident Karl Tricamo into removing his organic, front-yard produce garden for what it says are numerous violations of local zoning laws. However, Ferguson’s zoning laws do not, in fact, prohibit the type of garden Tricamo cultivates in any way, which means the city is illegally harassing him without reason or justification.

Read the full story above.

-My commentary-

This will continue until people stand up to this crap. The city is using outright lies and deception to mess with people who have done nothing wrong.

Does anyone stop to wonder WHY they are messing with people’s gardens of all things?

It boils down to people being selectively targeted who are self sufficient, and made an ‘example’ of.

When confronted, a city worker will often cite that they are ‘just doing their job’. Well, you know what, that BS excuse didn’t work at the Nuremburg trials, and it doesn’t work here. Just following orders or just doing your job doesn’t cut it. And often they aren’t ‘just doing their job’. They get off on the power they have to destroy innocent people’s lives, and it is time we reclaimed our power to say no to these morons who are trying to destroy our health, wealth, and livelihoods!

I’d also like to note that in this day and age EVERYONE needs to have a copy of Black’s Law Dictionary and know the difference between the terms ‘legal’ and ‘lawful’.  It is that little difference that makes all the difference when dealing with things like this. An ‘Act’ (also called a ‘Statute’) or an ‘Ordinance’ is NOT law. Failure to distinguish between Statute and Law on the part of government employees is coequal to fraud, and they need to be held accountable on this.

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To Denise Morrison of Tulsa, Oklahoma

To Denise Morrison,

Stand firm, you are doing the right thing, and many people recognize your struggle as their own, or something which may yet happen to them. Or which may have already happened to them.

I’ve dealt with similar situations for years now. Not with the city, but with my neighbors themselves. They all know what we grow and eat wild plants as the mainstay of our diet, and not a week goes by when one of them doesn’t comment something along the lines of “Why are you picking those darn weeds?”

This year alone, my overly ‘helpful’ neighbors have trespassed onto my property, both front and BACK yards, and have razed my food to the ground with their commercial mowers.

Both of the individuals who did this are older, retired fellows who THINK they are ‘helping’ us by cutting down the ‘weeds’. The problem is they can’t tell their dandelion from their daucus carota.

I’ve spoken with the neighbors about leaving our property alone, and it does no good.

People get it in their head that they can trespass and do whatever they want to make your property conform to THEIR own notions of how it should be. And be it some abusive fool employed by the government, or some overzealous neighbor, (and sometimes they are one in the same…), the end result is the same. Destruction of your natural food supply.

People need to fight this tooth and nail at every level, as the intrusion is only getting worse.

And for that fellow that keeps ignorantly citing ‘legal’ ability of the city government, may I kindly suggest they inform themselves of the difference between what the words ‘legal’ and ‘lawful’ mean. Blacks Law Dictionary is a good source for this. An ‘ordinance’ isn’t law, and the very foundation of this nation can be summed up in two words: PROPERTY RIGHTS.

All the best!

~Janos, at Wild Cookery! Visit the Wild Cookery blog at:

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Woman Sues Idiots Who Cut Down Her Edible Garden!


Full story:

Short story:

Heck yeah! This is exactly what we need to see. More people using the corrupt and invasive system against itself.

This is a particular hot button for me as I’ve had my food cut down TWICE this year by ‘helpful’ neighbors.

It got to the point where I finally took an axe and dropped a dead pine tree across my main wild greens area in my back yard to keep these overly helpful neighbors from screwing with my dandelions, dock, plantain, thistle, sonchus, lactuca, black raspberries, and other plants that grow there.

Below is a pic I took today and what I did to keep the ‘helpful’ neighbors at bay. Try running your commercial mower over THAT, sparky! 😛

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