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Just Peachy

We had a lovely 4th of July. We went over to the inlaws for the day, and Dad bought some fireworks. The kiddos were very excited and insisted on picking out which one was to be shot off next.

An old family friend of theirs, a lady from Gambia stopped over for the celebration and to watch the fireworks.

She has fruit trees at her house and brought us something I hadn’t had in over 20 years… fresh, off the tree PEACHES!


The kind lady also extended the invitation that I could go over and pick some more off of the tree, if I so desired. If I can find a way to store them in my extremely limited storage space, I may take her up on the offer, as they are quite delicious.

Huzzah for peaches!

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Not So Wild Cookery

So there I was browsing some various links and blogs, and I came across several other cooking/food style blogs.

I’m always up for a new recipe, or learning a new way to prepare something, so I figured, what the hell, let’s see what these folks have to offer.

Pizza with ‘tofu’ crust. Ick. (Do you have any idea how seriously toxic this unfermented tofu shit is?)

Some ‘chili’ made with stuff out of a CAN. Gag.

And a recipe made to ‘mimic’, of all unholy things, Chicken McNuggets. WTF?!?

And I’m thinking to myself… Ye GODS who eats this toxic rot?

Americans, that’s who. Maybe even YOU. (God bless ye, ye poor, poor souls.)

Diddle me blind and call me Lucy, but we need to seriously revamp what we consider ‘food’ in this country.

Maybe I can help change some of that for some people going forward, and get some folks interesting in doing some REAL Wild Cookery.

Here’s some videos I did quite a long time ago now, to help get ye started. They aren’t the highest quality productions, but they’re informative.

Post Scriptum: I did see something I was actually impressed by on one blog though:

Mmm… pear tart. Ye get bonus points for not sucking! 🙂 Too bad I didn’t find this before my pear tree dropped all it’s pears. But then again, they were all small and hard as little cannonballs and made it into my morning oatmeal instead.  So all’s well that ends well.

Speaking of which, I’m running low on nommables. Time to make a wild food run tomorrow, weather permitting.

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